Stay strong, we love you: Khloe's mates rally to support her

FROM THE HEART: Ashley Pel and Katie McKenzie busking outside of the Musician's Garage in Mary St.
FROM THE HEART: Ashley Pel and Katie McKenzie busking outside of the Musician's Garage in Mary St. Jacob Carson

AS THEIR friend Khloe Heidemann continues to fight for her life in Sydney Children's Hospital following the crash that took her mother and brother's life, her friends in Gympie have banded together to support their friend any way they can.

Young musicians Ashley Pel and Katie McKenzie, both 14, set up their equipment outside of the Musician's Garage in Mary St and began to busk to raise support and funds for their friend.

"We've known her since Grade 7,” Ms McKenzie says inbetween songs, "She was just one of those people who just makes it so easy to be friends with.”

Both girls describe their friend Khloe as incredibly funny, but also a warm and dedicated friend.

"She's the type to motivate you, to get you excited about new things - she makes you want to give something new a shot,” Ms Pel adds.

Finding out the news about their friend was an incredible shock, but not content to just sit by - both decided to spring into action.

"We originally found out through another friend of ours,” Katie says, "And then of course through things like the newspaper as well.”

"But we were all texting each other the same time, and while it started out as this small idea - it quickly grew into something a lot bigger than we were expecting.”

A message card sat on the window next to the amps, where close friends and passers-by wrote messages of love and support for the teenager, who still remains in a critical condition.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful,” says Ross Thompson, who had stopped to watch them performances, "It's a lovely idea.”

The next week is going to be vital for Khloe's condition, with the full extent of her massive injuries coming to light.

She has two broken legs, a broken arm, a shattered pelvis and a piece of her skull has been removed to ease the swelling on her brain.

But, Ms Pel says, if her condition continues to improve - there's a likelihood she'll be brought out of her induced coma sometime next week.

Before heading back and launching into another song, both girls wanted to send a message to their close mate.

"Stay strong, we love you Khloe,” Ms McKenzie says.

"You're going to get through this, everyone supports and loves you,” added Ms Pel.

The girls will be busking in Mary St until midday today, however a GoFundMe page has also been set up to raise funds for the Heidemann family. You can find it here.

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