Woolooga fire 2018.
Woolooga fire 2018. Renee Albrecht

State Govt asked for disaster declaration at Woolooga

THE Gympie Region Local Disaster Coordination Centre is on call as the Woolooga/ Sexton fires continue.

A second group has now formed under the Local Disaster Management Group, which will plan and manage Gympie Regional Council's recovery work with the community.

The area is still controlled by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), with Council continuing to support with machinery, staff and water tanks as requested by QFES, who are the lead agency.

Council is at the scene, with roads, bridges and infrastructure being assessed when safe to do so, working with Department of Main Roads. The community may see Council staff as they commence assessing trees which have been in the fire path and their stability, or if they will be needed to be removed.

Council has also asked the State for a disaster declaration for this fire.

Recovery work is in the planning stage as work on the ground cannot start until the fire threat has passed, and QFES release the area to council's Recovery crew.

"Firstly let's highlight the incredible work the QFES, volunteers and everyone on the ground have

done,” Mayor Mick Curran said.

"Whilst some structures have been lost as a result of these fires, the people on the ground have played such an important role in saving a significant number of buildings and more importantly family homes from being consumed by the fires,” he said.

"They are out in frightening conditions, fighting and containing the fire; working around the clock to keep the community safe. They are an amazing group of people and are still going after many days to control this fire. Council are now starting to plan our part in the recovery work with the community to understand how we can best support their needs.

"What services can we offer or deliver to help those who were caught in the fire get back to their normal day to day life - understanding residents will need time to recover.

"Once we are able to enter the area, council staff will also be looking at support needed such as fencing on properties, stock management, feed access, water pollution, waste management and the effect the fire has had on the environment and our wildlife.”

For residents in the area, normal bin collection will occur on Tuesday, residents are able to fill both the waste and recycle bins if needed.

For those without a kerb side service, fire affected residents can drop off perishable items for free at

both Sexton and Kilkivan Waste Management Facilities. Shower facilities are also available at the Kilkivan Hall, 31 Bligh Street. Residents are asked to call the number listed at entry to the hall.

To keep up to date on fire information: www.qfes.qld.gov.au

For updated information regarding current emergency news and road conditions within the Gympie region, please visit the Disaster Dashboard: http://disaster.gympie.qld.gov.au/

For assistance regarding environmental health or animal disposal, please call Council on 1300 307 800.

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