State helps out local sport clubs

GYMPIE Rugby Union Club and Cooroy Golf Club are two local organisations that will get a helping hand from a newly appointed sport and recreation co-ordinator, employed by the State Government as part of the Local Sport and Recreation Jobs Plan.

Sport Minister Phil Reeves said the jobs plan would contribute to employment costs of a Local Sport and Recreation co-ordinator who will help organisations with matters such as fundraising, promotional activities and sponsorships at the grassroots level.

The Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator will: provide advice on governance for a cluster of organisations and source appropriate support avenues; develop networks and support collaborative approaches to sport and recreation in local communities; support organisations with grant-seeking, sponsorship, fundraising and corporate partnerships and; advise on effective marketing strategies and promotional activities for sport and recreation.

Mr Reeves said the Jobs Plan was not only designed to build capacity within local clubs but will improve employment opportunities within the sport and recreation industry.

“I know there are many club officials and volunteers who just don’t have the time to take advantage of all the governance, fundraising, networking and marketing opportunities that clubs need to do,” he said. “They are flat out running the club and the co-ordinator will give them effective support...”

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