Staff shocked by Jess's disclosure

Jessica Parfrey is interviewed by a Gladstone Observer reporter in Gladstone.
Jessica Parfrey is interviewed by a Gladstone Observer reporter in Gladstone. DERRICK DEN HOLLANDER

THE Gladstone employer of a woman in the midst of a police sexual harassment imbroglio is standing behind ìts employee.

Jessica Parfrey hit the national headlines on Thursday after her attempt to have a case of unfair dismissal brought against the NSW police failed in the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission.

Gladstone Newspaper Company Pty Ltd general manager Carl Carter said the situation was a “day-to-day proposition”.

“It was obviously a shock to management and staff,” Mr Carter said.

The company recognises Ms Parfrey’s situation.

“We’ll certainly be supportive of Jess as best we can, and staff members have also been supportive in this sensitive issue,” Mr Carter said.

Employed earlier this year at the APN media company, Ms Parfrey was on annual leave yesterday.

In evidence tendered to the unfair dismissal case, the court heard how Ms Parfrey asked several officers to engage in sexual acts, as well as claims of insurance scamming.

Ms Parfrey was 19 at the time she was employed by the NSW police, a period stretching on months from May 2007 until September.

A distraught Ms Parfrey told The Observer on Thursday she couldn’t believe the “unjust outcome” at the NSW IRC.

“I can’t even put it into words,” she said in an exclusive interview.

The bulk of online comments on the matter have been less than sympathetic to Ms Parfrey’s situation, and many could be labelled as damning.

Shayne Parfrey arrived in Gladstone on Thursday evening to console and support his daughter.

“I support her 100 per cent,” Mr Parfrey said.

“It’s not in her nature to conduct herself in the manner of the allegations.”

Ms Parfrey and her lawyers, Harris Wheeler, are considering an appeal against the decision which was handed down on Wednesday.


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