The St Patrick's College community came together last Friday, October 30, to celebrate its annual Awards Night.
The St Patrick's College community came together last Friday, October 30, to celebrate its annual Awards Night.

St Patrick's College Awards Night


ST PATRICK'S College Gympie held its annual Awards Night on Friday, October 30, and here are the major awardr eipients:

College Captains: Kasey Gibbs and Joshua Ellems
 Neil Jones Award to SRC:  Julia Davies
Champion House:  Rice
Junior Awards    
 Yr 10 USQ Excellence Award  Zack Lindenberg
Lions Junior Spirital Award Sophie Ellaby
Kevin Murphy Cultural - Junior Gemma Grant
SRC Junior School Spirit Award Sophie Ellaby
SRC Middle School Spirit Award Rose Cann
Year 10 Long Tan Award Sophie Ellaby
USC Rise & Shine  Sophie Ellaby
Lions Service Award Alexander Leis
Junior Sportsman  Leo Cartwright
Junior Sportswoman Caitlin Urwin
Middle school Sportsman Darcy Cartwright
Middle school Sportswoman Taylah Jordan
Junior All Rounder Sportsperson Jordan Senini
Senior Awards    
Long Tan Award Yr 12  Lucinda Connolly
Eve Boyle Improvement Award  Liam Urwin
Calibre Excellence in Design Award Alice McPherson
Kev Murphy Cultural - Senior  Lucinda Connolly
Wilf Tobin Spiritual  Julia Davies
 Merv King Environment  Pagie Reibel
 USC Vision for Learning  Kasey Gibbs  Matthew Grant
Yr 11 USQ Excellence Award  Lily Dargusch-Haig
Caltex Best All Rounder  Joshua Ellems
 Rotary All Rounder - Senior Lucinda Connolly
Hon. F.I. Power Spirit of St Patrick's  Ariah Goodluck
 Bryan Baker Memorial Rushan Malek
College Staff Award for Service to College Nicholas Gerrard
 Senior Sportsman  Aaron Morris
Senior Sportswoman  Lucinda Connolly
 Senior All-rounder Sportsperson  Joshua Ellems
Kevin Murphy Spirit of Rugby Award Liam Harris
Spirit of Sport  Owen Dugdale
Pieree De Coubertin Arron Morris
 USQ Year 12 Excellance Award & Brother Wynne Trophy (DUX) Victoria Clark
  VET student Thomas Cavanagh
 Academic Excellence AWARDS    
 Yr 12  Lucinda Connolly, Owen Dugdale, Rushan Malek
 Yr 11 Jesse Grant, Ella Moro, Prudence Townsend-Webb
Yr 10  Darcy Binger, Sarah Gerard, Jemma Grant
Yr 9  Emily Brantz, Leo Cartwright, Adelaide Murley
 Yr 8 Bryn Jenkins, Taylah Jordan, Mackenzie Morgan, Taleah Smith
 Yr 7  Molly Dallinger, Jodie Hall, Nikki Reibel
  Yr 12 First Place in Subject Awards    
  Kelly Family Prize  - English Lucinda Connolly
 Gympie Regional Council Prize- -Modern History  Victoria Clark
 Gympie Regional Council Prize -  Geography  Whitney Corbet
 Gympie Credit Union Prize -  Economics Gabrielle Brown
 Baldwins Law Prize - Legal Studies Shania Tribel
 Murray & Associates Pty Ltd Prize - Maths A Gabrielle Brown
 Br. R. Miller Prize - Maths B Rushan Malek
Br. R. Miller Prize - Maths C Rushan Malek
 Frank Rogers Memorial Prize - Chemistry Rushan Malek
Frank Rogers Prize - Physics Rushan Malek
 United Friendly Socieity Assoc. of Gympie Prize - Biology Victoria Clark
 Baldwins Law Prize - BCT Gabrielle Brown
 Nolan Meats Prize - Physical Education Owen Dugdale
Calibre (Qld) Pty Ltd Prize - Graphics Alice McPherson
Br. Deagon Memorial Prize - Visual Art Tempany Thiery
Br. Deagon Memorial Prize - Visual Art Tea Mannaert
Gympie Regional Council Prize -  Study of Religion Victoria Clark
Last Family Prize - Drama Lucinda Connolly
 Tony Perrett Music Stephanie Ward-Wrigley
  Tony Perrett (MP) Prize - FTV Kasey Gibbs
  Tony Perrett (MP) Prize - FTV Gemma Kelly
 Kelly Family Prize  - English Com Ajay Toffoli
  MVS Logan Valuers Prize - Tourism Vanessa Jones
  MVS Logan Valuers Prize - Tourism Teneal Foad
  Major Family Prize - Religion & Ethics Rushan Malek
  MVS Logan Valuers Prize - Sport & Recreation Connor Brown
 Tony Perrett (MP) Prize - Creative Art Connor Peckitt

ST PATRICK'S College principal Karen Harrison's Awards Night speech:
Good Evening and welcome.
 It is wonderful to stand here and see the many faces that make up our College community.
Father Pat Cassidy of St Patrick's Parish, Mrs Kathy Fuller, Principal St Patrick's Primary School; Mr Tony Perrett, member for Gympie, Cr Mick Curran, Mayor Gympie Regional Council, Mr Alain Pitot, Area Supervisor Brisbane Catholic Education, Mr Graham Young, University of Sunshine Coast and Mr Peter Tobin, Gympie Lions Club, special guests, College Board members, parents, students and staff I would like to offer you all a warm welcome to our 'new look' celebration ceremony this evening.
We are proud of the efforts and achievements of our students in all aspects of the College.
Tonight will attest to this with our new format acknowledging each individual student in the aspects of mission, sport, cultural and Life of the College.   
In 2016, we will welcome the fifth enrolled generation of some of our families- what an honour.
Our strong high quality education with embedded religious instruction continues to be the focus of the St Patrick's College of today.
Since our formation over 120 years ago, we have prided ourselves on a standard of education that excels; in a context that is caring, loving and supportive, and is reinforced by the support from our parents, guardians and carers.
  We continue to create and maintain the St Patrick's College tradition each day, each year.  
This year, Year 7 was welcomed into the College community. By the time our transition program was complete, these incoming students, along with the Year 8s, were already comfortable and immersed in the College.  It has been a wonderful year seeing our family share our traditions, events and celebrations with the younger students.  
The introduction this year of the Dance Off on Founders Day was a highlight filled with much laughter and fun.  Our Year 7 students of 2016 gained a true insight into our love of fostering our talents.
We further achieve our successes through our Vision for Learning; fostering talent, Providing challenge, Pursuing wisdom.
Our 2014 academic OP results including 3 OP1s clearly demonstrated to the wider community our strong academic standard.
However, most significantly the range of learning pathways that our students have engaged in this year is exceptional.  Eighteen students this year have successfully secured school based traineeships and apprenticeships in a range of industries including: hospitality; automotive; business; building; diesel fitting; hairdressing, veterinary science; plumbing; agriculture; dental and mechanical.
The support from Gympie businesses is both over whelming and appreciated.  Their generosity in offering a further 52 work placement experiences reflects favourably both on our local employers and the calibre of our students.  The partnerships between us and our employers and us and our parents ensure positive outcomes for our students and the Gympie community.
This year, we also have managed significant challenges. The most significant has been our grief over the passing of Mrs Helen Martin and Mr Neil Jones.  Mrs Martin, our Uniform Shop Convener and Student Reception administration officer, always brought a joyful smile to our College environment. Mr Jones, Assistant Principal - Pastoral focus, was a passionate teacher who encouraged the involvement of all in our College.  The award to acknowledge the significant contribution of a Student Representative Council member who works for the involvement of all in our community is tonight named in his honour.
 This award reflects the qualities of a true family member. A quality that Mr Jones espoused.
Our consideration and care for others was evident through our significant support of local events and charities: 100 years since the landing of Gallipoli, Erin House, St Vincent de Paul, Relay for Life and Caritas to name a few.  A highlight was recognising our past ex-students who fought for peace. Hand crotched and knitted red poppies made by staff and students were proudly worn in the ANZAC Day parades and ceremonies. The wider community responded in awe of our respect for our history and the care we took in recognising the service of our ex-students. The traditions of St Patrick's College continue to live in our actions.
Our history is based on the commitment of our community, our students and our staff. This year, we farewell Mrs Liz Lewis who is retiring after contributing 40 years of significant service to the College before and after the amalgamation of the Sisters of Mercy school and the Christian Brothers College as St Patrick's College.

It is also my pleasure to acknowledge Mrs Clare Banks.  Mrs Banks, can I invite you to the stage please?
 Mrs Banks is a dedicated teacher who specialises in supporting our students in research and reading, and our teachers through quality and accessible curriculum resources for effective student learning.  Today we recognise Mrs Banks for her 20 years of teaching service to Brisbane Catholic Education.  Our College and our students are very appreciative of her ongoing commitment.  Please join with me in congratulating Mrs Banks and all of our teaching staff on this World Teachers Day for their dedication and service to your children that is over and above that of any other school staff that I have worked with.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the College Pastoral Board and Mr Wayne Plate as Chair. The Board plays a significant role in our community in forming policy and providing advice to the College Leadership Team. I thank them for their ongoing support.  It would also be remiss of me not to thank the College Leadership Team: Dr Nothdurft; Mr Malone; Mrs Elvy and Mr Albion, and the College staff and students for their love of our College and the contributions they make.

I wish our 2015 graduates success in their future endeavours and I look forward to journeying with our continuing community members in 2016.

Thank you and let's enjoy the celebrations that the evening will offer for all of our students.

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