TIME TO LUXURIATE: Romanesque aqua-based therapies are a treat at the Sheraton.
TIME TO LUXURIATE: Romanesque aqua-based therapies are a treat at the Sheraton. Contributed

Spring clean for the body

IT'S spring. You're going to be showing more skin than you have for months.

So just how does your skin feel? Dry and rough after being kept under wraps all winter?

What about your toes? And heels? Dare you give them close inspection?

The people at Sheraton Aqua Day Spa know you need a little revamping after winter so they've put together a three-hour spring package designed to polish and buff you.

Someone had to try the package on your behalf and it had to be me.

Starting off a session at Sheraton Aqua Day Spa with a water massage in the Roman baths is one soothing, soaking way to begin an indulgence.

You'll feel like an emperor's wife when you slip into the warm waters and let cascades, surges and gushes knead your back, shoulders, and legs.

Underwater and overhead jets surround you in an aquatic dreamland and, after a short time, you'll feel warm and floaty.

And the pampering hasn't even begun yet. After the Roman baths, if you're up to it, spend 15 minutes in the steam room and let all that winter sludge seep out of your grateful pores.

When you're ready and dried off, a charming therapist will help you into your robe and guide you to one of the dimmed and fragrant therapy rooms.

By now, you're so relaxed, you might find it hard to climb on to the table. But gentle hands will assist.

Then the scrub begins.

Using exquisite Thalgo products, the therapist will rub the grainy scrub all over your body.

The discreet draping of towels ensures your modesty is protected at all times.

Rub and scrub, rub and scrub.

The practised therapist does her work and even though it is brisk and the skin tingles, you can't help but relax.

After the scrub is washed away in a warm shower, it's back on to the table for a full body massage with warm oil.

Bliss upon bliss. Pleasure upon pleasure. Joy upon joy.

It's quite likely you'll drift off at this stage, and that's okay. Your therapist will whisper when it's time to turn over. As she works the entire body with her experienced hands, you can feel your skin changing from rough and dry to smooth and hydrated.

It doesn't end there.

After the massage, you choose whether to have a 60-minute Thalgo facial or a deluxe pedicure. A difficult decision, but you'll get to it.

For me, the pedicure.

After soaking, clipping, filing, exfoliating and buffing, the feet, already feeling 20 years younger, are dipped into a paraffin treatment which makes them as soft as a newborn's. Then your favourite colour nail polish is carefully applied and your feet are so pretty you just want to stare at them.

Velvety, pliable, silky, soft, supple ... choose your own superlative. They all apply to your refurbished skin.

The writer was a guest of Sheraton Noosa Aqua Day Spa.


Where: Hastings St, Noosa.

Phone: 5449  4888

Deal: Spring Spa Package costs $195, valued at $345, available until November 30

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