Sport tourism the way of the future

BELIEVE it or not, I have nothing to hate this week, nothing to whinge and moan about.

There isn't even anything that peeves me, makes me sick in the stomach or disgusts me.

Actually this week there is something I like about sport.

What I like this week is how hard work and community involvement can turn into something positive and bright for the Gympie community.

The event I am talking about is the Harrington Doyle Racing - Race for Daniel held over the weekend.

The organisers and all of the members of the Cooloola Kart Club should be proud of their achievement.

Together they raised money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, put on a great race meeting and, best of all, showed Gympie as a caring and progressive community.

Another positive about the event is the amount of money it would have injected into the Gympie economy at a time when the local economy has slowed.

Race for Daniel and the King of the Mountain held at Mothar Mountain speedway on Saturday night attracted hundreds to our town and they all stayed somewhere.

They all ate, drank and spent money in our town. It shows the value of sports tourism to our region.

Let's face it; except for Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay, hordes of people don't go on a week's family holiday to the Gympie region.

We can't compete with the likes of the Sunshine Coast, but with sports tourism we can attract hundreds, if not thousands of people to Gympie for sporting carnivals in a wide range of sports.

Junior sport carnivals should be actively sought for our community and our sport facilities should be improved to attract these events.

I would start with an a new, heated aquatic centre to host bigger and better swimming carnivals. An indoor horse arena would be next.

It costs money but the benefits in sport tourism help the entire community.

Good week

The Gympie open representative cricket side won Goodchild Shield against Burnett to bring the trophy home to the Gold City.

Bad week

The Gympie Off-road Gold XI cricket side lost their game against Maroochydore wiping out any chance of making the Sunshine Coast one-day final.

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