FOCUS: Greg Walsh from Northern Suburbs in action.
FOCUS: Greg Walsh from Northern Suburbs in action. LEEROY TODD

Sport results are in

Gold City darts

A-GRADE: Hornets 17 d Wanderers 3, Raiders 15 d Eagles 5, Nutcrackers 12 d Scorpions 8.

B-grade: Taipan's 16 d 4Amigo' s 8, The 26ER'S 11 d Battlers 9.

180's: Peter Morris 2, Gavin Creed 1, Steve Woods 1, Rob Van Eck 1, Darryl Twemlow 1.

High Pegs: Dean Chandler 156, Candice Whitley 130, Craig Bourke 121, Mick Thexton 120, Kerry Treichel 108.

Points: 43 Peter Morris, 39 Wayne Sleeman, 35 Ken Worling and John Groves, 34 Wayne Hatchman, 32 Rob Van Eck, 31 Steve Hughes and Steve Woods, 30 Craig Bourke, Tara Rowe, 29 Candice Whitley, 23 Dean Chandler,22 Codey Rowe, Michael Mullins, Wayne Alford, 20 Steve Crittenden, Alex Jenkins.

Tons: 19 Peter Morris, 17 Wayne Sleeman, Ken Worling, Candice Whitey, Rob Van Eck, John Groves, 16 Craig Bourke, 14 Wayne Hatchman, 13 Dean Chandler, Steve Hughes, 12Doug Hawkins, Steve Woods.

Maximum Pegouts Out Of Twelve: 12 Tara Rowe, 11 Peter Morris, Wayne Sleeman, 10 Wayne Hatchman, Gavin Creed, 9 Codey Rowe, Steve Woods, Ken Worling, Steve Hughes,John Groves, Wayne Alford, 8 Michael Mullins.

Singles Wins Out Of Four 4: Tara Rowe, Wayne Alford, Peter Morris, Steve Hughes, Gavin Creed, Ken Worling, Wayne Sleeman 3 Steve Woods, John Groves, Wayne Hatchman, Brad Ryder, Codey Rowe, Michael Mullins.

Vets golf

ANOTHER good roll up.

Unfortunately some who played on the first round of the age championships could not make it this week, but there was a good field anyway.

Congratulations to all of those who were winners in their individual age groups both gross and nett.

These results can be viewed on your member's website.

There was some really close wins fitting of a championship event.

The best gross overall was Wayne Hastie's 148 and therefore the Vets club champion. Congratulations Wayne.

On the day there was the three grades of normal stroke competition and the winners were as follows,

A-grade Don Cappetti 64, runner-up John Godsall 65, third Graeme Major 67.

B-grade was won by Lex Brookes 64, runner-up Keith Johnson 65, third Brian Carroll 67 on a count back.

C-grade winner was Andrew Towning 65, runner-up Errol Ward 66 and Harry Bailey 68. As you can see by the scores there was some consistent golf.

Run down went to 71. Club pin was won by John Godsall, the dark horse Harry Bailey thought he was in with a chance once again after last week, but not to be Harry.

Gelliatrics: Hubcaps who, after rushing home to get his golf cart loaded with his and his passengers golf bags, headed to the ninth tee to hit off, only to find when he got to the green his clubs were left behind after not being tied on properly in the first place.

Thought he would get away with it but was spied by the Bandit and Kev Macklin who went out of their way screaming "That's a gelliateic”.


Monday, September 19:

R.Pettit-J.Streat 1; L.Pettit-J.Davidson 2; R.Organ-S.Gauld 3

Tuesday, September 20:

NS C.Lucas-S.Schierning 1; M.Virtue-L.Lewis 2; C.Verity-J.Hollingworth 3

EW J.Anderson-S.Bishop 1; G.Konyi-A.Cook 2; B.Geary-N.Jones 3

Thursday, September 22 morning:

K.Kerr-A.Cook 1; B.Anderson-B.Butterfield 2; R.Plowman-M.Bazzan 3

Thursday, September 22 night:

P.Krause-G.Konyi 1;S.Verity-T.Simpson 2; L.Pettit-M.Rettke 3

Ladies golf

LAST Wednesday saw a very small field.

Once again the weather took over and lady golfers stayed inside.

However there were some brave ladies who took to the field and had a dry and enjoyable game.

Top scorer was Cindy Lawson with a good score of 70 nett. Kate Sawry, Jean Peters and Marge Dakin all on 75 nett and Dell Groundwater on 76 nett all scored a ball in the run down.

Janelle Thorburn won the club pin on the 16 and also the pin shot on 17.

The monthly medal went to Kate Sawry 1st Div and Cindy Lawson 2nd Div.

Trisch Williams won the putting with 30 putts while Kate Sawry won the senior ladies event.

Last Saturday saw a much better field of ladies play a stableford event.

There were some great scores returned, with Stella Macklin topping the list with 39 points.

Min Meadows was close behind with 38 points to be runner-up.

Janelle Thorburn started the run down with 37 points, followed by Lorraine Elliott 36, Kate Sawry, Dell Groundwater and Yoey Coogan all on 35 then Marj Dakin and Lydia Costello on 35.

Annette Slater had a great shot on 16 to win the club pin, while Karen Allen was on the right green to win the shot on 3, and Marge Dakin took out the 17th.

Janelle Thorburn scored 3 birdies for the day and Stella Macklin also caught one for her birdie tree.

Four Ladies played the zone foursomes at Woodford on Friday, while scoring quite well did not quite make the honours list.

Ladies, the Silver & Bronze Championships are coming up at Caloundra soon - if you can make that day we could do with your support. Please see Yoey as it may not be too late to include your nomination.

Please see time change for Saturday, October 1.

It is now a 9am shotgun start because of the football final.

GDDA Darts

WITH only three matches to go in this season, would holders of perpetual trophies please get them dusted off and left at your playing venue for collection with results, or return direct to Trevor at 73 Duke St as soon as possible.

Division 1 Charlies: Raiders 10 d Sth Sporties 2; Mitch's Bandits 7 d Jockey Nutcrackers 6; Empire Flyers 9 d Phoenix 3; Mt Nearlys 9 d Aussie Silver 3.

Highlights: Shane Petersen 4 throwouts and 4 tons; Kerry Treichel 6 tons; Steve Hughes 5 tons and 3 throwouts; Peter Morris, Felicity Whitley, Candice Whitley, John Treichel, Steve Carey 5 tons; Les Mitchell 4 tons and 3 throwouts; Gavin Creed, Ian Peace 4

Tons: Troy Ashton 3 tons and 3 throwouts; Craig Bourke, Wayne Sleeman, Mark Skinner, Russell Clark, Kevin Hughes 3 tons; Wayne Sleeman 112 pegout, Steve Hughes 170 pegout.

Division 2: Railway Riff Raff 10 d Roadrunners 2; Bandits 8 d Warriors 4; Phoenix Pink Bits 9 d Empire Diggers 3; Mt Mooners 7 d Empire Ewoks 5.

Highlights: Dave Mulvihill, Brad Ryder, Tara Rowe 3 throwouts; Richard Markwell 3 tons; Codey Rowe 70 peg with bull finish.

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