Spectacular quilts and craft

DON'T miss this weekend's main event in Gympie, expected to be nothing short of spectacular.

The Quilt and Craft Spectacular, held over two days inside The Pavilion.

Sue Hoskin has been teaching the art of mosaic for 12 years and will be offering tips on how to create a small mosaic masterpiece.

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Sue recently settled in the Gympie area at Glastonbury with her family and after teaching mosaic at the Gympie Regional Art Gallery for a year, is excited to be asked to pass these skills on to the wider community at the quilt and craft show.

Joining her in demonstrating a specialised skill is Penny Hornbuckle of Patchwork Angel - one of southeast Queensland's leading suppliers of patchwork and quilt materials.

Gympie Quilt and Craft Spectacular aims to showcase people like Penny and Sue, by providing local emerging artists, crafts and designers a platform.

Among them will be well-known Gympie florist Joanne Shadbolt, who will share years of experience and Julie Renwick, who will impart some tricks of her trade in the craft of cake making and decorating.

Gympie Rotary is the driving force behind the show, which is expected to be bigger and better this year. Promoter Kathy Kane said there would be a massive collection of quilts from hundreds of artisan-type quilters from all over Queensland.

Learn about scrapbooking with Lisa Jocumsen and the Gympie Gem Club will be represented by Rosie Dakin's silver smithing workshops.

Among the inspirational collections of arts and crafts will be fine woodwork and fretwork. Don't miss this brilliant display of Gympie's creative industries. Last minute workshop bookings today only. Phone 0407588445.

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