Rebecca Cunningham and her Mother’s Day gift, Alannah Jayne Cronin.
Rebecca Cunningham and her Mother’s Day gift, Alannah Jayne Cronin. Renee Pilcher

Special delivery for mum's day

BABY number eight was a bit of a surprise for Rebecca Cunningham on Mother's Day.

Alannah Jayne Cronin arrived at 6.09am on Sunday and was the "best present" mum could have asked for.

"She was due on May 25," Ms Cunningham explained.

But when her water broke at about 1.30am on Sunday, she knew little Alannah would be making an appearance earlier and possibly on Mother's Day.

"The kids woke about 3am. My youngest, who is three next month, woke everyone up. I was on the toilet having contractions. The ambulance was called and my eldest came with me.

"Luckily their dad (David Cronin) was at home and brought the other kids up later."

Ms Cunningham said Alannah had come out perfect, weighing 3480grams (seven pounds and 11 ounces).

"It was quite a shock. They've all be on time except my eldest son who was 17 days overdue," she said.

That was not the only shock. When Ms Cunningham first suspected she was pregnant her tests kept coming back negative.

She did not officially know she was pregnant until four-and-a-half weeks, when the baby bump trumped the tests and she had an ultrasound.

Ms Cunningham said she had some idea she was pregnant, having had "stretching pain" with each of her other children.

She felt it in the early stages of her latest pregnancy.

The Cooloola Cove resident has three boys and five girls now, but with her partner having two of his own, the tally is evened out to five boys and girls in the family.

Like all her other births, Alannah was natural.

"She was quieter when I was pregnant than the others, she's ticklish. But they corrupt each other," Ms Cunningham joked.

"The kids are excited."

The family will celebrate Mother's Day when Alannah and her mum return home today.

With six of her children in school, the focus will be on getting newborn Alannah into a routine to fit with school hours.

Alannah is sister to brothers Daniel, Timothy, William, Thomas and Shaun and sisters Cassandra, Nikita, Katie and Jessica.

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