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Southside mum called police to break up her brawling sons

A GYMPIE teenager arrested for trying to stop police officers from “hurting” his brother, after they were called to break up a fight between the two, has faced court.

The 19-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty on Monday to obstructing a police officer who was trying to restrain Parkin’s brother.

On September 1, police responded to a call about two brothers fighting, and possibly using knives.

The court heard the man’s mother had called police to their Southside house, as she “couldn't get them to settle down.”

Once police separated the two, they asked about the knife, and the man’s brother produced a fishing knife and leather sheath, which he placed on the trampoline beside him.


Later he picked up the knife against police instructions, and a struggle broke out before the brother pulled away from police, still holding the knife, and tried to run.

Police attempted to restrain him again, and hearing his brother yell out in pain, the man ran to his brother’s aid and tried to get the police off him.

His lawyer told the court his client’s brother had recently broken his arm, and he believed his brother was in pain but stopped fighting and sat down when he realised the police were not hurting it.

It was also heard that his brother had not been using the knife during their fight, and had it on him for fishing.

During his sentencing remarks Magistrate Chris Callaghan told the man the police had “a really difficult job to do.”

“Especially when young fellas like you have heightened emotions, you made their job a lot harder that night.

“You’re a good lad with no history, trying to help your brother even though that was a silly thing to do.’

He placed the man on a $500 good behaviour bond for nine months and no conviction was recorded.

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