Gympie doctors and patients will benefit from the new 16-slice CT scanner.
Gympie doctors and patients will benefit from the new 16-slice CT scanner.

New CT scanner to benefit patients

GYMPIE patients and doctors will benefit from faster, more accurate diagnosis of heart problems, stroke and cancer following the installation at Southern X-Ray Clinics of an advanced new 16-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner.

Southern X-Ray Clinics, part of Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging group, I-MED Network, has replaced its 4-slice CT scanner with a new 16-slice machine.

The sophisticated new technology provides significantly clearer scans and will lead to faster examinations for local patients.

It is particularly useful for diagnosing problems with arterial circulation, stroke and cancer, but also enables more effective scanning of body areas such as the chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine.

I-MED Network Chief Executive Officer Mark Masterson said the radiology group was excited to offer this advanced scanning technology.

“CT scanning is an advanced, non-invasive imaging technique,” he said.

“The 16-slice machine can provide 3-Dimensional images. People in Gympie and beyond will no longer be forced to travel great distances for these types of procedures.”

Clinic director, Dr Peter O’Hare, said the new technology will deliver more precise images, increasing the likelihood of early diagnosis.

“Our previous scanners took four slices at each margin interval of the body part being scanned,” he said.

“The new 16-slice scanner takes not four slices but 16 simultaneous slices at each margin interval.

“This allows more data to be taken in a much shorter scanning time, so it’s quicker and more comfortable for the patient.

“Thinner slices enable sharper images, so we have a better idea of the problem. We can produce images in 3D which means blockages, changes in blood supply and other abnormalities can be identified much more clearly, enabling better planning for treatment and recovery.”

Dr O’Hare said another benefit of the clinic’s new scanner was its link to I-MED Online.

“Doctors can log on remotely and view their patients’ scans online, rather than relying on scans being sent separately,” Dr O’Hare said.

“This makes diagnosis and treatment more efficient.”

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