Woman slams nephew's coward punch attacker

COWARD PUNCH: Mitchell Smith was lucky to survive a unprovoked coward punch in Adelaide last Saturday night. His aunt, Jo Harmer has spoken out against his attacker.
COWARD PUNCH: Mitchell Smith was lucky to survive a unprovoked coward punch in Adelaide last Saturday night. His aunt, Jo Harmer has spoken out against his attacker.

A SOUTHERN Downs woman has told of her anger after her nephew was felled by a coward punch in Adelaide last Saturday night.

In a letter Jo Harmer penned to the Daily News, she wrote asking people to "stop, breathe, think and walk away".

Dalveen resident Ms Harmer said her 18-year-old nephew Mitchell Smith was enjoying a night out with friends when he was attacked from behind in an unprovoked attack.

"He was sitting on a bench with some mates when he was king hit," she said.

"His fall was broken because he was on the bench and this might have saved his life.

"He was knocked unconscious and his mates rang for an ambulance."

Mr Smith spent about eight hours in hospital and returned the next day for further x-rays, which have since cleared him of any serious injury.

Ms Harmer said people just needed to stop and think.

"Nobody goes out with the thought in mind that they're going to punch someone and possibly kill them," she said.

"It has such a huge impact on not only the person but the entire family."

Ms Harmer said her sister Michelle, Mr Smith's mother, was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for an aggressive breast cancer.

"On Friday she had another round of chemo and then on Saturday night she has the shock of hearing her son has been attacked," she said.

"When Mitchell arrived at the hospital, he had no feeling in his legs. This could have ended up so much worse."

Ms Harmer said she wanted the coward to see her letter.

"Your punch doesn't just connect with someone's head, it connects with someone's entire family," she said. "You wouldn't punch someone going through chemo treatment for cancer, but this person did when he punched my sister's son.

"This person did this to our whole family and this family has enough on its plate at the moment."

Jo's letter to her nephew's attacker.

Last night (Saturday October 1) my nephew ended up in the Royal Adelaide Hospital after being the victim of a coward punch...luckily he is going to be fine...

To the man who threw the punch,

You will probably never see this but Im hoping someone who knows you will.

This morning you will be waking to a sore fist. ..a hangover and not much recollection of last night.

Let me fill in the gaps for you:

Last night you king hit my 18 yr old nephew from behind..I do not know your reasons but I do know that your actions could have destroyed both your and my families life.

Everyone has a story...let me tell you a bit about my nephew..

His name is Mitchell.

He has the most loving and caring nature of anyone I have ever known.

He is wanting to be a Police Officer.

He is living 24/7 with the fact that his fighting breast cancer.

As you can see Mr Coward Punch ..your punch last night didnt only make contact with my nephew but also our entire family.

You will never see this but I hope those who do and find themselves in a similar situation will recall this post....take a breath... be a man and walk away.


Mitchells Aunt

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