Soccer awards motivate

FOOTBALL Gympie’s Pam Tindall knows the club’s many players put their hearts into their weekend games.

But in a move to raise the bar in competition, Tindall is reminding players of the inaugural 2010 Cooloola Civil Constructions and Football Gympie Good Sports Awards.

The awards are a new initiative of Football Gympie and aim to pay recognition players, coaches and clubs that achieve outstanding things.

Financial sponsorship has been confirmed and the list of awards up for grabs at the end of the season is as follows:

Club of the Year - $1000. Player of the Year (1st Division) – 500. Player of the Year (2nd Division) - $500. Player of the Year (Over 35’s) - $500. Player of the Year (Ladies) - $500. Top Goal Scorer (1st and 2nd Division) $250. Top Goal Scorer (Ladies) - $250. Top Goal Scorer (Over 35’s) - $250. Player of the Year U11-U15 Boys - $250. Player of the Year U11–U15 Girls - $250. Coach of the Year (Ladies, O35’s, 1st and 2nd Division) - $500. Coach of the Year U11-U15 - $500.

Gympie Times