Snakes on the move in our region

SLITHERING in a backyard near you could be a snake, if recent reports are anything to go by.

Snake catchers John Keady, based in Gympie, and David Beck, based at the Cooloola Cove, said they recently received many calls about snakes invading human space and needing relocation.

And Gympie Times rural reporter Peter Hughes said residents had seen red-bellied black snakes, brown snakes and other snakes around.

Mr Keady said he had been "very busy" in the Gympie area.

He said brown, black and carpet snakes had all been very active. But they should soon settle down after a couple of sunny days and some food.

As the weather heats up after winter, snakes typically become more active and start looking for a feed after their relative hibernation period.

Spring or snake season will see them searching for a snack on frogs or a drink of water in parks and backyards.

And spring cleaning the backyard is not a bad idea, just to remove any objects that snakes could hide under.

Snake catchers warn people to not try to capture a snake themselves.

As a protected species, killing a snake can land you in hot water or with a big fine from the Queensland Government.

If you need a snake catcher, phone John Keady on 0407 076 711 or David Beck on 0403 976 192.

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