More possums in Gympie

Paula Rowlands with a female swamp wallaby she is caring for.
Paula Rowlands with a female swamp wallaby she is caring for. Renee Pilcher

IF YOU have been having problems with possums lately, you’re not the only one.

It seems people across the Gympie region have been noticing an increase in the animal’s nocturnal habits and an increase in possum numbers.

Wildlife expert and licensed catcher John Keady said he had noticed possums were extremely active now and moving around looking for a nice warm spot for winter.

He has had a lot of phone calls relating to possums that need to be relocated.

But one of the problems with relocating them, he said, was legally you can’t move possums more than a few metres away from where they live because males were very territorial and would kill each other.

Mr Keady said he had caught a few possums recently and relocated them after blocking the holes they used to enter the homes.

But he has also noticed snakes were on the move now.

He said they would be looking for a warm dry spot and might even be disturbing the possums in doing so.

Long-time Wildlife carer Paula Rowlands said, at this time of the year, possums were mating and therefore young males were very active, looking for new territory.

Mrs Rowlands said they were commonly hit by cars at this time of the year.

Tuesday last week a young male possum, presumed hit by a vehicle, was found along Lady Mary Terrace and brought to her.

Unfortunately the possum died overnight.

As a wildlife carer Mrs Rowlands is constantly surrounded by animals, at the moment, she is nursing three baby wallabies and takes care of three wallaroos.

But she is soon moving to a new home in Glastonbury where she will building a wildlife refuge.

For a possum box, or if you have an animal that needs to be cared for call Paula Rowlands on 5483 7777.

If you need advice on relocating animals call John Keady on 0404 076 711.

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