Smart signs give false readings

ntelligent road signs almost get it right.
ntelligent road signs almost get it right.

THE Transport Department is investigating motorists’ claims that intelligent signs on the Bruce Highway may need to have their intelligence boosted.

Drivers have complained that the signs, which are intended to detect offences of speeding and following too closely, may be in need of further education.

One motorist said a sign south of Gympie had told him he was following too closely, even though his vehicle was the only one in sight on that stretch of road.

Others have said the signs, which face both north and southbound traffic, have told them they were speeding when they were not.

The signs are part of a campaign to shame or at least inform errant drivers by pointing out their errors.

The electronic signs are informed by sensors in the highway which are intended to detect speed and closeness to other vehicles on the road.

Built over the roadway, they inform drivers of their alleged offence and the penalty applying to them if they had been detected by the police.

The State Government has said the signs are a prelude to further developments, which will involve the Transport Department also being informed and fines issued.

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