Fisherman jailed for assault

AFTER more than a year of postponing his matter in Gympie Magistrates Court because he was at sea, Mitchell James Selby, 23, was taken into custody when he fronted court on May 6 for a hearing.

Selby had originally disputed a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm that occurred on October 10, 2008. The matter went to a hearing and it was found there was enough evidence to commit him to Gympie District Court for trial.

After the hearing, police presented Selby with a new charge of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, from a February 17 incident, and he was arrested and held in custody.

This latest matter was adjouned but Selby was brought back to court the next day to change his plea to guilty for the October offence, and pleaded guilty to a second charge that arose from the same date.

The court heard Selby was at a party when he approached a man and asked him if he wanted to fight. The man said no and moved away but didn’t see the punch coming. His injuries were bruising and swelling, a cut lip and a blood nose.

Later another fight broke out with Selby punching a different man in the face causing similar injuries.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said Selby had a history of breaching court orders. She said he was placed on probation in 2005 for a conviction for assault occasioning bodily harm and he breached it twice.

Selby was eventually resentenced in June 06 to six months jail suspended for two years. This was activated in April 2007 and Selby was convicted the following June for king-hitting a man. He was sentenced to serve two of the six months jail with release on parole.

“These offences happened in 2008. They show he has a propensity for gratuitous violence on unsuspecting victims,” Snr Const Manns said and added that on each occassion the complainants had no warning.

Selby was sentenced to six months jail to be released on parole August 6.

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