SMOKING: Brody Burgess slides round the skid pad at Carina Speedway Bundy Burnouts.
SMOKING: Brody Burgess slides round the skid pad at Carina Speedway Bundy Burnouts. Paul Donaldson BUN230917BURN1

Skidz are in but Burnouts are gone

THE owner of Carina Speedway says Bundy Burnouts' lack of success was the reason they won't be allowed to hold any more skid events at the site.

On Friday, it was announced Bundy Burnouts would no longer run events at Carina Speedway with speedway owners, Shed Alliance Bundaberg Motorplex, set to hold its own burnout event.

The new event will be called Friday Night Skidz and will be open to anyone.

The first date for the event is February 16, with another seven events to be held in 2018.

Motorplex owner Dave Vaughan said the reason behind the move was attendance levels at Bundy Burnouts didn't meet the expectations of the speedway.

"They've ran one meeting out of four and have not been successful," Mr Vaughan said.

"We offered for them to run until Christmas.

"We asked them to put forward a plan for next year, they put forward a plan that was not acceptable."

Mr Vaughan said this left them with no choice but to run their own event.

"We own the track, we're able to do something ourselves," he said.

"The new burnouts will be Friday night and allow people to get off the streets and do it.

"It will be a cheaply run meeting with grassroots local support."

The announcement has forced the Motorplex to cancel proposed burnout meetings for January 27, March 10, April 7 and May 5 and 6, with all other events not impacted at this stage.

Mr Vaughan said the move was a positive one.

"We're looking to do this well," he said.

"From a Carina perspective, we wish Bundy Burnouts and Neil well."

Mr Vaughan was also critical of the negative social media comments that have come after the announcement.

"People continue to dwell in the past and keep wanting to bring the bad times up," he said.

"We're looking forward and there are now opportunities for people to race and watch speedway at the Motorplex."

Vaughan was also asked whether former Carina leasee Pete Basmadjian had returned to provide assistance. He didn't confirm or deny the question but said it shouldn't matter who he brings into his own business.


Carina Speedway Bundy Burnouts event.
Carina Speedway Bundy Burnouts event. Mike Knott BUN231016BURNOUT26




Bundy Burnouts shocked by move


THE Bundy Burnouts team admitted getting kicked out of Carina Speedway came as a complete shock.

In a statement provided to the NewsMail, Bundy Burnouts promoter Neil Irvine said the group was told they would not be able to conduct future events at the site in an email on Thursday.

Mr Irvine also disagrees with the reasons surrounding their departure given by owners of Carina Speedway, The Shed Alliance Bundaberg Motorplex.

"After regular meetings with the Motorplex promoter from mid-October and extensive planning by Bundy Burnouts, we asked the venue to confirm joint financial arrangements in early November and received no reply," Mr Irvine said.

He said their events were run with Bundy Burnouts running the shows and the "Motorplex taking bar, canteen and half the gate".

Bundy Burnouts wanted to change this for the next few meets in 2018.

Mr Irvine said they sent repeated requests for a reply to emails but none were forthcoming and in late November they were forced to cancel the New Year's show.

He said no request was answered until they received the email of intent on Thursday.

Bundy Burnouts also defended its success at the venue saying "they were allocated dates at short notice" and "had 1300 fans for our first event".

One of the other dates was a washout.

Mr Irvine said the decision allowed them to move on.

"Once again it has happened to us (being moved out)," he said.

"It's a bit of a shock with the sheer amount of funds we put in and the hard work from our volunteers."

But Mr Irvine was confident this wasn't the end of the group.

"This has only just happened so we'll need time to figure it out," he said.

"There are plenty of options moving forward."

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