Where the streets have odd names: our weirdest addresses

CEMETERY Rd, Loco Lane and Pagan Av ... they're the kinds of address you may rather not have. But there is a way to get a new address without even moving.

It seems you just have to wait for the council to review your street name and see that it not only reflects the character of the area but is easily found by delivery and emergency services.



Vanessa Elphick: Hickey Pl, Ballina. When I say my address everyone always says "as in love bite?" (Ed's note: There is also a Hickey St in Casino.)

Nux: "No Name Lane", Brunswick Heads. You won't find it on any maps, though, but that's our street name.

Shea McCaughey: I live on King George VI Memorial Dr … Where is King George I, II, III, IV or V drives? There isn't any.

Samantha Munro: I live on Loco Lane - make of it what you will.

Bruce Legg: I live on Hemp Hill Rd. Funny - the sign keeps disappearing.

Leanne Loz Albert: Pagan Av (Casino). But I am a Christian. At Bonalbo there is a Lois Lane.

Kylie Quinn: We live at Deadmans Ck Rd (Ballina Heights) and we are told daily "that's an unfortunate name".

David Gordon: I lived in Cemetery Rd (Byron Bay). It was very quiet.

Robyn Spruce: I live in North St which, strangely enough, runs east to west.

Other unusual names: Boneyard Lane and Wildgoose Chase in the Clarence Valley, Pigman Rd in Kyogle, and Pratt St, Casino.

Do you live in a street with an unusual name? We’d like to hear from you about addresses you love, or hate.

Posted by The Northern Star on Tuesday, May 5, 2015


NSW Land & Property Information is carrying out "complex site addressing activities" in the Ballina Shire Council area.

At my own address it said the strata units located off the lane would get new, clearer addresses.

"An accurate address is particularly relevant as address information is used by a variety of organisations, underpins a range of government activities and is a major imperative for the delivery of emergency services," a council spokeswoman said.

Changing addresses, she said, was done on a needs basis, when council received requests from residents, emergency services concerned about difficult-to-find places, the Valuer General Department for new subdivisions, and Roads and Maritime Services for new roads/reconfiguration of roads.

Examples included a dwelling sitting on a corner block and facing two streets and the main access fronting the alternate street to the address being used, or a new development on a vacant block needing to be numbered, but existing development on either side requiring the numbering to be adjusted to ensure addressing for both new and existing properties was clear and consistent for all services.

While this sounds like good news for people who dislike the name of their street, they probably can't change it just because of taste.

"Council has a Roads, Bridges and Public Places Naming Policy," said the spokeswoman.

"The aim is to ensure the naming of roads, bridges and public places conforms to established guidelines that will not compromise the provisions of emergency utilities and postal services and ensure a transparent and consistent approach to the naming of roads, bridges and public places in the Ballina shire and which reflect its history and character."

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