'It was crazy close': Fraser Coast man sights shooting star

ON the Gold Coast, it was nothing more than a streak of white across the sky.

But for Tiaro resident Josh Howell, it was like a firework passing over Mount Bauple.

Mr Howell got a first-class view of the shooting star that had entranced sky watchers on Sunday night - creating an Easter lights show over his Tiaro property.

He described the moment he caught sight of the burning meteorite, which he mistook at first for a firework.

"I was sitting in the lounge room on Sunday night, then I saw something light up the sky," he said.

"It was crazy close, very visible; it didn't seem to fade out and it just kept falling...(and) disappeared behind Mount Bauple.

"It looked like a red and green firework."

A number of other residents reported seeing the light when Mr Howell posted his observations to social media.

"The night sky is certainly full of wonderful things...every evening there is something new to be seen," reader Bronwyn Wilson said.

"Saw that near Woodgate beach, driving back to Mary. Surprised me because it was still daylight," David Flintoff said.

It was a combination of dusk, lack of light pollution and no buildings that made for such a rare sight, according to Mr Howell.

The suspected meteorite was sighted over areas of south-east Queensland and northern NSW, appearing as a bright light that sped across the horizon.

It is thought to be the start of the annual Lyrid meteor shower event, active from about April 16-25.

But the sight was something that made Mr Howell's night "a bit more exciting."

"It caught me off guard. I'm thankful to live in Tiaro, where we're not blocked out by city lights and can enjoy things like that," he said.

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