Shena MacDonald
Shena MacDonald

Shena MacDonald

GREENS candidate Shena MacDonald grew up in England in a small town she says was very similar to Gympie in that it had a lot of hills and a lot of hotels.

She was sent off to a girls' grammar school and then went off to university in London where she gained an honours degree before getting married and going to live in Christchurch, New Zealand for two and a half years.

It was there that Shena began her teaching career and had the first of her three children.

In 1977, she landed on the shores of Australia and settled in to life in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane for more than two decades. But the way some of her neighbours spoke about the working class did not sit well with Shena, and she gained an interest in the Labor Party.

In 2001, she relocated to Gympie and began teaching IT at St Patrick's College. Her anger at the decision to dam the Mary River at Traveston turned her away from the Labor Party and Shena joined the Greens.

She is now retired from teaching but spends a great deal of time working for the Riding for Disabled carriage driving in Gympie, building the organisation's website and producing their newsletter.

She is also kept busy these days helping with her young grandchildren.

The issues close to Shena's heart include improving Gympie's accessibility to health services and dental health, free education, and monitoring coastal development and coal seam gas exploration in the Mary Valley and potential coal mining near Tiaro.

If Shena wins the seat of Gympie she says she will do the following for Gympie residents:

  1. Accessible and affordable healthcare for all, including dentistry, mental health and preventative medicine
  2. Sustainable and ecologically sound development of coastal and rural areas, especially guarding against the unfettered development of Coal Seam Gas
  3. Increased support for seniors, people with disabilities and their carers.

You can contact Shena by leaving a message with the Campaign Officeon  3366 2045, emailing, on facebook search for Shena Macdonald, Gympie Greens, or online at

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