Shazza devastated as knee injury forces her out of Endeavor Rally

SHAZZA from the Car 66 Bogans for the Endeavour Rally is out of the race and completely devastated.

"Me knee went on holiday without me!" joked Shazza, also known as Ria Boustead.

Ria ruptured the ligament in her knee and said that it just gave out and she collapsed, spraining her left index finger in the process.

Ria is not entirely sure about the recovery, but there has been some talk about possibly needing further reconstructive surgery.

"She'll be at the start and finish, she'll just miss the middle," said Rob Bob, also known as Rob Wilson

The rest of the team are disappointed she won't join them but Jimbo, also known as Jim Barnett, was adamant that Ria's welfare came first.

"Since the surgery (six weeks ago), it's become obvious that going in the rally would hinder her recovery," he said.

While Shazza is out of the race, it doesn't mean that she isn't thrilled about the effort she and the other "Bogans" have put into the fundraising efforts.

"We're the highest fundraisers so far," she said. "We've raised $32,500.39, and as the highest it puts us in pole-position."

The team, minus Shazza, will be leaving from the Redcliffe Surf Club tomorrow and head up to Rockhampton, via the Whitsundays. The trip should take seven days and the Bogans say they are prepared for every eventuality.

"We've got castors on the roof-rack in case we roll," said Rob Bob. "And we've got our flannos, trackie-dacks and moccasins."

Shazza's place will be taken by Bazza The Baboon in an official handover ceremony today, where Shazza will relinquish her fluorescent pink mullet wig.

The final member of the team, Fat, also known as Leanne Wilson, was totally in character for her parting remarks.

"I'm totally devo me offside can't come. Who's gonna open me stubbies now?" she said.

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