Shaft donates special tricycle

Jordyn Bowles with sister Ella and Shaft Nightclub Manager Brett Walsh yesterday.
Jordyn Bowles with sister Ella and Shaft Nightclub Manager Brett Walsh yesterday. Craig Warhurst

THREE months after his specially designed tricycle was stolen and destroyed Jordyn Bowles has been gifted with a new trike allowing him to once again ride along with his family and friends.

Shaft Nightclub manager Brett Walsh decided he would buy Jordyn a new trike as it would be quicker than fundraising for a new one.

“I thought it would take a little while and decided to get it done,” he said.

Jordyn was surprised with the gift yesterday as his family had kept the donation a secret.

Jordyn’s mother Vicki Bowles said it was tough over Christmas when Jordyn’s sister Ella was given a bike and the siblings couldn’t ride together.

His grandfather Dennis Neal said Jordyn was disappointed he couldn’t ride with Ella after being given the first trike for his 12th birthday, last September.

But yesterday Jordyn was all smiles saying he couldn’t wait to start riding again.

That will be in another week, as Jordyn has hurt his knee.

Glenn Bowles, Jordyn’s father said he wanted to thank the Shaft for donating the trike and the community for all the support the family had received.

“Without the Shaft this wouldn’t have been possible,” he said.

The first trike, worth about $700, was one of three donated to children with a disability by the Blue Light Disco Association and Butterfly Kids.

The custom-made tricycles, designed for people with a disability, are made in Melbourne.

It was stolen on December 19 from the Bowles’ Lawrence Street shed and was found destroyed near Eagle Boys three days later.

The Bowles’ will now increase their safety measures. Mr Neal said the police were still searching for the thief who stole the trike.

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