Sex abusing stepdad jailed for 12 years for heinous crimes

"I AM very happy to be free despite the ongoing nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, night terrors and flashbacks."

"You tried to take my self respect and dignity away but you did not succeed."

Those are the words of a young woman whose step-father was found guilty last week of committing 159 sexual offences against her over a six-year period between March, 2006, and November, 2011.

The Warwick man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, was jailed for 12-years on Friday for his heinous crimes.

The judge-only trial in the Brisbane District Court heard the man video-recorded the majority of the offences he committed against the girl who was aged between 13 and 19 at the time.

Crown Prosecutor Noel Needham told the court the man had prior sexual assault convictions in New South Wales.

"At no stage did he make any concessions of guilty despite the overwhelming evidence against him," he said.

"He has a historic charge from NSW where he was convicted and charged in 1978 with wilful exposure.

"Furthermore, he served four-and-a-half years in jail after being found guilty in 1994 of sexual intercourse without consent, sexual assault, kidnapping and abduction."

Mr Needham said the man was twisted, cunning and manipulative.

"He had absolutely no intention of ending his offending despite claims he was going to," he said.

"He only stopped because police intervened.

"There has been absolutely nothing presented in this court that shows a shred of remorse.

"His victim was forced to give four days worth of evidence at his trial where she had to watch graphic videos, view graphic pictures and relive horrible events despite the man offering no defence to the charges."

Defence barrister, Toowoomba-based Robbie Davies, said the man suffered from a number of ailments as a result of a tree branch falling on him many years ago which left him with a number of significant injuries.

He said the NSW jail sentence stemmed from a messy divorce with a mature-aged woman with whom he had four children.

Mr Davies said the man had been estranged from his children for more than a decade.

Judge Brian Devereaux said the man's offending was abhorrent and at the highest end of the spectrum.

"You have a distorted view of your role as a stepfather and a distorted view on how you should treat people." He said.

"You have not accepted responsibility for your crimes and you have shown absolutely no remorse.

"I am more than satisfied you were the father of her aborted child.

"You even raped her the night before she was to have that abortion.

"Your behaviour has not destroyed her life, but that is to her credit, not yours."

Judge Devereaux deemed the man to be a serious violent offender which means he must serve at least 80% of his 12 years sentence.

He did not set a parole eligibility date.


  • Warwick man jailed for committing these offences against his step-daughter.
  • 95 x rape
  • 50 x sexual assault
  • 9 x indecently dealing with a child
  • 4 x recording in breach of privacy
  • 1 x maintaining a relationship with a child

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