Seven battling faults

A CHANNEL 7 spokeswoman was hopeful the network would return to television sets within the next two days.

She said technicians had been working at fixing the issue, identified as a hardware fault caused by weather damage.

She said it was unclear exactly what failed and where the problem was located.

It is understood a large portion of Queensland has been without Channel 7 since Sunday's extreme weather, which also damaged power lines, as well as radio transmission and mobile phone towers across the state, compounding the problem for isolated communities.

The Channel 7 spokeswoman said a strong signal should return in coming days, following the completion of work.

"Hardware in the system was damaged by the weather," she said.

"It should be out for another day or two.

"If viewers get an uplink message - Uplink SSC - it is just our backup system.

"(Coverage) is very inconsistent.

"It appears the signal is going out. Some people are getting nothing and others are still getting the signal.

"Some people are getting picture and no sound and others are getting sound and no picture."

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