Services help homeless in our community

THE Gympie Salvation Army, at 42 Stumm Rd, Southside, has an extensive portfolio of services it offers the community.

As well as helping the homeless find somewhere to live - a service which is growing as more people are trying to live on less - it also helps families forced to leave the family home because of domestic violence.

In the past week, three families have used the service.

As well as finding them somewhere to live, the Salvation Army helped them furnish their new home.

Another service offered to homeless people is free showers, every day except Saturdays and public holidays, from 7.30am.

The service includes shower packs for both males and females.

"We even have children using our facilities," Gympie Salvation Army Major Brian Smith said.

"It's being used fairly frequently these days."

The facility also has a washing machine, which is available to families and single people living on the breadline.

"When you haven't got the money to begin with, finding coins for a laundromat is too expensive," he said.

Another Army initiative is free lunches at the Stumm Rd premises on Wednesdays and Fridays, from noon until 1.30pm, which again, are well patronised.

Sometimes, the generosity of the community means the stores are overstocked with clothing, so occasionally, they also have a "happy hour" in which people can grab a bag of clothing, free.

"We do it all to help people struggling in the community, but we also need community support to fund these initiatives," Major Smith said.

"And funding from our Red Shield Door Knock Appeal also goes towards combating domestic violence. It's an essential part of what we do."

Anyone needing Salvos' welfare assistance is asked to call 1300 371 288 or make an appointment on 5482 1710. The family store is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4pm, offering bargains in clothing, furniture, shoes, bric-a-brac, jewellery, electrical goods and more.

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