RESPECTS: Sergeant David McNamara lays a wreath.
RESPECTS: Sergeant David McNamara lays a wreath.

Service remembers fallen officers

POLICE have remembered their fallen comrades this week in two moving services.

For the first time in Gympie Father Bruce Dorman - Gympie’s police Chaplain - led a candlelight service on Tuesday night at the grave site of Constable Michael Low.

And yesterday a service was held at St Peters Anglican Church.

The ceremonies were held to remember Queensland’s 137 police officers, like Constable Low, who had paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Gympie Sergeant Vic Tipman said there were more than 100 people at the vigil including Gympie police officers, community members and family.

Officers from Rockhampton who served with Constable Low, and some from Brisbane, were also present.

Not even the rain could keep the ceremony from continuing, Sgt Tipman said.

The heavens dampened candles and the wind blew them out but the atmosphere remained sombre and fitting for the important occasion.

“It was a fitting tribute to the fallen,” Sgt Tipman said.

Not only were the 137 officers (killed on-duty since 1861) remembered, but retired, unsworn officers – those from other states who had passed, and others who had died when not on-duty - were all held in the hearts of those present at the ceremonies.

At yesterday’s church service Gympie Sergeant Peter Bailey said police across the nation were gathered to remember colleagues who had given their lives to uphold the law and to serve the people of Australia.

“Small and large communities scattered across this state are gathering to remember and to give thanks for the police officers who have helped create and sustain our towns and cities as safe and lawful places in which to live and work and raise families,” he said.

“It is because of the selfless commitment of police officers, such as those whom we honour today, that all Australians continue to enjoy the freedom, peace and security that is so much a part of the Australian way of life.”

Acting Inspector Gregg Davey told the officers present they would continue to face tension, danger and conflict in upholding the law but they did not serve alone.

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