Letters: Self Defence

FIRSTLY I would like to congratulate The Gympie Times on speaking up for victims of domestic and family violence.

Reality is that while politicians gather information for Royal Commissions and form task forces to investigate the violence, real women must face real situations.

Many women are trapped emotionally and physically.

It's a terrible situation brought home once again last week by the death of a two-year-old.

Hopefully the Australian shout "end the violence" will encourage more women to speak up, but for women who are unable to escape (for whatever reason) a course in self-defence may save a life.

I have been attending classes on the Sunshine Coast for some time now and my training has made me realise that many women, now deceased, would be alive today if they had been properly trained and were able to carry out decisive mental and physical actions to stop the aggressors in their tracks.

Put simply, with correct instruction anyone can learn to defend themselves, no matter their size.

It is possible for women to hang up the victim status and walk away safely after carrying out the actions as taught by my instructors, ex-army unarmed combat instructor of 20 years, Martin Day and Sensei Patricia Fast.

I quickly realised that my instructors were passionate about empowering people and saving lives and so I asked them if they might be willing to travel to Gympie to teach self-defence to women.

They agreed and the first women's self-defence course was filled up within days.

The first course takes place on April 12, and more courses will open up as more women come forward.

For women experiencing domestic violence or who live in fear, courses will take place at a private venue and privacy will be guarded.

For more information please email mkelly0red@yahoo.com.au.

Gympie Times

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