Letters: Seeking asylum is lawful

Letters: THE government of this country on the pretext of saving asylum seekers from drowning (they prefer them to die somewhere else) are absolutely beside themselves with glee that they have "stopped the boats".

It's not about saving lives at sea, it's all about keeping certain people out. Seeking asylum is lawful, no matter what Mr Abbott and his government try to tell us.

The Italians, when desperate asylum seekers were drowning in the Mediterranean, sent their Navy out to rescue them and brought them ashore.

In contrast our government demonises them and either locks them away offshore or sends them back to possible retribution in their own countries.

It costs Australia millions, possibly billions to keep these poor, desperate people away from this country. We are being conned.

We actually have less than 1.2% of the world's refugees trying to come to Australia.

If we were to process refugees in Indonesia then bring them here, instead of costing us millions it would save us much more by sending them to regional areas that desperately need workers thereby adding to our economy.

By having a military approach to this problem we will be judged harshly by history and we will deserve to be.

Joan Gillies,


Gympie Times

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