Schoolboy guilty of selling drugs avoids prison

AN IPSWICH schoolboy who sold close to 80 pills, including MDMA, narrowly avoided leaving Ipswich District Court in custody yesterday.

Reed Adam McIntosh, 18, pleaded guilty to 22 charges including 18 counts of supplying a dangerous drug and two counts of possessing a dangerous drug following a period of four months of offending in 2015 while he was in grade 12.

Crown prosecutor James Marxson told the court one of the offences related to the sale of five MDMA pills for $100.

The court heard McIntosh also supplied 74 pills of an unknown schedule two drug over 12 transactions.

A search warrant at McIntosh's home in November last year uncovered a small quantity of a schedule two drug and MDMA, a mobile phone used to supply drugs and some syringes in his car.

"The Crown alleges a commercial nature," Mr Marxson said.

"He admitted to the offending but down played his involvement in the supply - he said was a delivery man."

Defence lawyer Kathryn McMahon said the apprentice plumber became involved in drugs through some people he met at a night club.

"It was at a time when he was learning how to be a man," Ms McMahon said.

"He became involved through some older boys, he started hanging out in a night club in Ipswich and at the time it seemed a relatively easy thing to do."

Judge Greg Koppenol told the defendant he narrowly avoided serving time behind bars.

"I accept you mixed with the wrong crowd and got involved with drugs and because of that you committed these offence," Judge Koppenol said.

"I strongly suggest you finish your trade and get on with your life. We were all 17 once and there are a lot of temptations at that age.

"I'm sure you're not a stupid person but you can't be running around with drugs."

McIntosh was sentenced to a head sentence of 18 months imprisonment wholly suspended for an operational period of two years.

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