Scarecrows hit the road

IN THE case of the stolen scarecrow, ABC Coast FM festival organisers and an unlikely goat farmer have all played a role.

It all started earlier this week when storms blew the sheriff from the front of the Kenilworth Police Station and vandals hit a Scary Crow along Imbil-Kandanga Rd.

On Monday Rita disappeared from Ridgewood and then Slow Down Sam was noticed missing from Amamoor on Thursday.

All four scarecrows were finalists in the Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival.

One good story to come out of the scarecrow shenanigans, however, is the reunion of Rita and her owners.

On Thursday goat farmer Bill Lintott thought someone had once again dumped rubbish out the front of his North Deep Creek home.

But after a closer inspection he realised he had found much more.

Rita, part of a three-part woman, horse and dog display called Rita, Rom and Rex, from Ridgewood had been taken from her maker Greg Moore and dumped in Gympie.

A keen Coast FM listener, Mr Lintott had heard Mr Moore on the radio saying Rita was missing and called in with his find.

Looking a little worse for wear, Rita had been broken in half, the pair were reunited.

Festival volunteer Kailie Parker-Price said scarecrows sometimes liked to come down out of the hills and mix with humans.

She said there was a history of a few entries going missing each year the festival was held.

"Some probably ran away because of recent storms," she said.

Festival organiser Graham Miller said judging had finished and the winners could be found at Scarecrows.

He said every year a few of the scarecrows went missing and no one ever knew what happened to them.

Last year's winner from Connondale was stolen, he said.

"It was just skylarks, the remains were found in pretty bad shape," he said.

Mr Miller said it was disappointing but everyone was still in good spirits, despite all the hard work that went into the competition.

"Some probably take a full days work, others two to three days. Some are wonderful constructions and others are works of art."

The missing finalist from Amamoor's whereabouts remain a mystery.

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