Santa Ferraro
Santa Ferraro

Santo Ferraro

ONE Nation candidate Santo Ferraro refused to provide any biographical information, sit down for an interview or have his photo taken by The Gympie Times.

When asked if the "profile" information Mr Ferraro submitted to The Gympie Times was serious, he said it was "very serious" and that it was the only information he wanted published on himself.

The One Nation website also provides no information on Mr Ferraro, but says he has contested six Queensland elections since 1989 as well as several federal elections in the same period.

He has contested seats as an Independent, for the Confederate Action Party, and next month's election will be his fourth Queensland election running as a One Nation candidate, having previously contested Nicklin in 1998 and Glass House in 2001 and 2004.

Ferraro is a retired manual arts teacher who currently runs a post office branch and has also run a macadamia nut farm. He lives on Black Mountain Rd at Federal.

The following is the "profile" Mr Ferraro provided:

"My main purpose for becoming a member of the Parliament is to generate wealth and capital for large corporations so that they may increase their power over the population.

"My guiding mantra is to support the creation of global monopolies to eliminate local choice, for corporations to take all they can extract and for them to pass the costs of doing business and infrastructure on the community.

"I will support legislation that will favour absentee corporate monopoly scale enterprises, financial speculators, rights of property and central planning by global corporations.

"I will campaign to deny any responsibility for public interests. I will support proponents who seek to secure impermeable boundaries around exclusive private interests of corporations and their wealthiest owners, while demanding communities eliminate any borders protective of public interests.

"I reserve the right to become a member of one of the major political parties to more effectively carry out the above agenda.

"I am seeking a taxpayer (community) funded:
"1. Parliamentary position
"2. Generous electoral allowance
"3. Motor vehicle
"4. Fuel card
"5. Extensive overseas travel
"6. Very very generous Superannuation package." 

If Santo wins the seat of Gympie he says he will do the following for Gympie residents:

  1. Assist to generate wealth and capital for large transnational corporations.
  2. Support the creation of global manopolies and eliminate local choice.
  3. Support exclusive private interests of corporations,deny any responsibility for public interests.

You can contact him by phoning 0417 636 440.

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