Marburg cricketer Sam Truloff is carrying extra supplies to ensure he tastes the best of Indian cricket life.
Marburg cricketer Sam Truloff is carrying extra supplies to ensure he tastes the best of Indian cricket life. Sarah Harvey

Indian tour spicy work for Truloff

IT IS not quite a Shane Warne-style baked bean delivery, but Sam Truloff has packed his own emergency food supplies for his cricket tour to India with the Australian under-19 team.

It is the first time the Marburg cricketer has visited the cricket mad nation and he admits his cricket gear is sharing luggage space with tinned tuna and biscuits for the 18-day tour.

Truloff has been a perennial selection in national squads since under-17s.

However, with an aversion to spicy food, the 18-year-old is more nervous about facing the dinner table than some of the world's fastest young bowlers.

When asked whether he would sample the local food, the answer was swift.

"Not a chance, I hate curry," Truloff said.

"They've told me the mild is hot and it will light your mouth on fire, so I'm thinking, 'geeze'.

"I'll be taking my own food over with me like biscuits and salmon to hopefully get me through."

But will he follow in the footsteps of Australia's most famous bowler and order a delivery of baked beans?

"I won't take a massive stash but I'm sure I'll take a few over," he said.

"The coaches and support staff actually recommended it to me.

"They said you will get sick of the curry, since it's for breakfast lunch and dinner, so definitely take other food over.

"I'm really hoping Delhi belly doesn't catch up with me while I'm there."

The tour continues the build-up to next year's Under-19 World Cup.

After a disappointing tour of Dubai in April, Truloff is hoping to cement his place in the batting order.

The former Rosewood State High student hoped to find a home in the batting order after shuffling from the lower order to opener during the trip to Dubai.

"I found it a little bit hard in Dubai, coming in facing spin, then in the next game coming in and facing quicks with the new ball," he said.

"I've had a couple of pre-season games with the Queensland Bulls squad and I hit them pretty well there.

"Playing India and Sri Lanka in their own conditions though is going to be the biggest test."

Australia's next generation of international cricket stars will take on India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies in the quad-series tournament.

Australian coach David Fitzgerald said his team would benefit from more time in the sub-continent and contests against quality international competition.

"India are always a tough opponent and even more so at home and Sri Lanka will be accustomed to the conditions," he said.

"We also got a look at the West Indies earlier this year and they have some quality fast bowlers in their group."

Three other Queenslanders are in the squad, including Truloff's close friend Nicholas Stevens.

The pair is set to room together and Truloff said he was prepared for extra responsibilities.

"I've roomed with him the last three times I've gone away so I'll probably be with him again," he said.

"He's a great room-mate and a funny bloke, but I'm like his mum on tour.

"He's always asking me if we should do washing, what should we do in this situation, what do we do if this happens.

"I get a laugh out of it anyway, so it's all good."

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