Salon thieves go for straighteners

Hairdresser Karen Dawson lost more than $3000 worth of hairdressing gear including 10 high end GHD straightening irons.
Hairdresser Karen Dawson lost more than $3000 worth of hairdressing gear including 10 high end GHD straightening irons. Craig Warhurst

POLICE have considered the possibility that thieves who stole GHD styling products from a Gympie hairdressing salon were seasoned criminals trying to go straight.

Officers are seeking information about a break-and-enter at a Mary St salon and the theft of more than $3000 worth of GHD hair straighteners, dryers and styling products.

Some time between close of business at 4pm on Saturday and Tuesday morning when the salon reopened after the long weekend, the shop was broken into through the rear entrance off Reef St.

The offenders smashed the door window to gain entry and methodically raided cupboards for retail GHD products.

Business owner Karen Dawson reckons thieves appeared to know exactly what they wanted to take, which explained why they targeted her salon, known for stocking GHD professional styling products.

"It was a pretty clean job. They disconnected the sensor light so they wouldn't be seen leaving the building," she said.

"Then they went through and took GHDs. They were very selective about what they took and stole all the new classic range of black hair straighteners, leaving all coloured ones bar a purple one.

"That's why I think somebody knew what they were doing."

Curiously, a few random hair products of no real value were also taken, which gave the girls a bit of laugh to ease the tension.

"Weirdly, all our bobby pins have been stolen, open packets too," Ms Dawson said.

"Somebody is doing a lot of up-styles at the moment."

Besides the GHD products, all bagged laybys and packaged orders for customers were swiped from the rear cupboard.

"I think they took anything they considered a sellable item. There are always people trying to sell fakes so we tell people to watch out what they buy on the internet," Ms Dawson said.

She added that she firmly believed the stolen products had probably already reached one of the major cities. But buyers beware, GHD is currently in the process of gathering the serial numbers of all the missing products, which Ms Dawson would provide to police.

"Another funny thing is they pinched the dummy product we use to display in the shop window and show customers instead of going to all the trouble of removing one from a box."

Gympie Police Scenes of Crime dusted for fingerprints but the crime scene was clean, Ms Dawson said.

She asked for people with information to phone Gympie police on 5480 4221 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers or Policelink.

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