Ray Eustace warns about caravan fire dangers.
Ray Eustace warns about caravan fire dangers.

Check caravans for fire risk

THE Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) is urging all travellers to check their caravans are safe before heading off this winter.

QFRS North Coast Region Assistant Commissioner Ray Eustace said caravans could pose hidden fire dangers.

“Caravans and mobile homes have many ignition points, from cooking elements to external gas bottles, there are many ways caravans can pose risk to travellers,” Assistant Commissioner Eustace said.

“It’s important to ensure your gas bottle is in good working order, with no leaks. You can do this by making sure you have it professionally tested.

“Also making sure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned the oven and stove before using them is a good practice to avoid any burning of built-up food.

“It is also important to ensure you have an evacuation plan, and to ensure that no objects in the caravan obstruct that route.

“It’s important to ensure the path through the annexe of the caravan and to the outside is clear in the event of an emergency situation.

“Travellers should make sure they have working smoke alarms too.

“In a confined space, fire can take hold quickly and smoke alarms can alert you to the first sign of a fire and could save your life,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Eustace said by following a few easy steps you could stay safe this winter:

 Install a fire blanket in your kitchen and know how to use it safely.

 Never put water on a cooking fire which may contain oil

 Switch off electrical appliances when not in use

 Have older electrical equipment checked by a certified electrician at regular intervals

 Make sure you change your smoke alarm batteries regularly

 Keep a clear space of one metre around heaters

 Make sure you have a fire evacuation plan

QFRS offers Safehome, a free home fire safety audit service. The number to call is 1300 369 003.

Until July 30 residents can request a free gift of a fire blanket when they book a Safehome inspection.

For more information go to www.fire.qld.gov.au

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