Drivers warned to take care on the roads

RAIN may have prompted an early return from holidays for many families, but the back-to-school period has added its own dangers for drivers and pedestrians.

Gympie police traffic chief Peter Webster said it was likely many parents would be busy preparing themselves and their children for getting back to school on Tuesday.

And preparing safe driving strategies was one of the most important preparations of all, Sgt Webster said yesterday.

"One important tip for parents is to have a back-to-school practice run.

"Drive by the school so the kids know where they've got to go and where parents will be picking them up.

"And it is important to have a wet weather plan, because most parents will automatically want to collect their children from right at the gate.

"Make sure your child knows what to do if it's raining," he said."

Drivers also need to be aware there will be kids around and to be prepared for the unexpected.

"Obey the No Standing signs near pedestrian crossings and get your children out of the car on the footpath side.

"It horrifies me to see children getting out of cars into the traffic lane," he said.

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