SA POLICE are responding to a serious incident at the Tollgate Motel in Glen Osmond.
SA POLICE are responding to a serious incident at the Tollgate Motel in Glen Osmond.

Man shot dead by police at motel

THE man wanted for crashing his van into a police officer has been shot and killed during a confrontation at a hotel in Adelaide's south.

STAR Group officers shot the man at the Tollgate Motel when he pointed a gun at them following hours of negotiation, SA Police say.

He died from his injuries.

Paramedics were alerted to the incident on Mount Barker Rd in Glen Osmond just after 8pm.

Assistant Commissioner Noel Bamford told the media on Saturday evening that police were at the motel "conducting inquiries" and spotted a man in one of the rooms with what appeared to be a weapon.

"A short time after that they heard what they believed to be two gunshots."

"Members of the STAR Group put a cordon around that room and attempted to resolve the matter by engaging with the man."

"Sometime later, police action has been taken and the man has been shot by police and unfortunately has died of his injuries."

Nobody else was hurt.

"My understanding is that the guests were moved away from the rooms (and) taken to a safe place while the negotiations were going on," Mr Bamford.

"All I can say is there was some suggestion of a hostage but we do not believe that is the case now."

"This matter is quite tragic in the way it's ended, unfortunately he has died as a consequence of the police action."

"It's important we undertake a complete and thorough investigation into the matter."

There will be a Commissioner's Inquiry.

Witness Terri-Anne Coe, 27, said that she heard three loud pops that could have been gunshots as police raided the motel earlier on Saturday evening.

She said an altercation started at unit 25 at the complex and that she could hear men shouting.

"We got told to get back into the room because they (police) were going to let the dogs off," she said.

"(Police) haven't told us anything.

"We saw a person get taken away in the ambulance.

"We heard three (gunshots) go off, we're not too sure if they set off gas bombs in the complex to get them out or if they were gunshots.

"We heard three quick pops and then after that it was all over the yelling had stopped."

Ms Coe said a person was taken out on a stretcher about 20 minutes after the loud bang noises.

"It was pretty scary."

On Friday, a SA Police officer was run down by a van while patrols were "conducting inquiries" at a Sampson Rd house in Mitchell Park.

SA Police spokesperson Lauren Leverington said the officer had indicated for the van to stop but instead it deliberately hit him from the front.

"It was in his actions of trying to stop it that it's kept going through him."

"He is in good spirits, understandably they were shocked, as was he at the behaviour of the suspect."

The unnamed officer was taken to the Flinders Medical Centre with non life-threatening injuries and was discharged on Friday night.

The unoccupied van was found just before 10.30pm on Friday in Nungamoora St, Hallett Cove.

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