Rules of society explained

AN IMBIL man who came to the attention of police on October 7 for driving while his licence was disqualified, was charged for the same offence twice the following day, within three hours.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said that James Leslie Dean, 18, of Ballard Road, was first intercepted by police at 3.05pm on October 7, again at 9am on October 8 and once more at 12.05pm.

He also faced a possession of a water pipe charge.

“He has a total disregard for the law,” Snr Const Manns said, asking that Dean be fined for the first offence.

She also submitted that he be disqualified from driving with a one to three month prison sentence suspended for three years for the second offence and disqualified, and a three to six month prison sentence with a parole release date for the third.

“If he drives one more time he’ll be spending Christmas in prison. It’s quite cruel to send him to prison but he needs some deterrent.

“He has shown he did not take the disqualification seriously.”

Duty solicitor Leanne Gordon said her client had ADHD and “impulse control issues”, submitting to Magistrate Maxine Baldwin that it was “not necessary to up the ante” in relation to sentencing.

What her client needed was “a greater understanding of the consequences”, she said.

Mrs Baldwin told Dean that she understood it was “very, very difficult for young people to understand why they are in trouble for driving if they are not hooning, speeding and are not drunk.”

“The problem is that we have to have rules.

“If there were no rules then it would be mayhem. Some countries have no rules and it’s survival of the fittest.

“If we want to live in a civilised society then we need rules. It was privilege to have a licence and that licence is taken away to withdraw a privilege.

“With advantages come responsibilities.”

She told Dean that in a town the size of Imbil, the police knew everybody.

“You might as well have put a sign on the car that said ‘come and get me’.

Dean was fined $600, disqualified from holding a licence for two years and sentenced to one month’s jail wholly suspended for two years.

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