Gympie RSPCAs Rebecca Brazier gets cuddly with Duke, while Alex Bryne cosys up to Stella.
Gympie RSPCAs Rebecca Brazier gets cuddly with Duke, while Alex Bryne cosys up to Stella. Jannette Parke

Unwanted kittens looking for homes

SHOPPING centres aren’t the only places having half price winter sales. An unrelenting influx of unwanted kittens has Gympie’s RSPCA Animal Shelter resources stretched to the limit.

The centre is so overrun by abandoned and unwanted felines, it has reduced its usual selling price to just $100.

If you think $100 is a lot for a moggy, think again, said shelter manager Rebecca Brazier.

“It’s really not even covering costs,” she said.

“That’s for a cat or kitten that is already de-sexed, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and socialised,” she said. “It costs that much just to desex a male cat usually.”

The reality is that the “cheap kittens” you see for sale from backyard breeders end up costing you a lot more, Ms Brazier warned.

The cat breeding season has continued throughout autumn – and the explosion in numbers means the cats and kittens at the shelter are in urgent need of good homes.

If you are considering adding a four legged member to your family, the shelter has some super friendly cats and kittens that could make dependable and affectionate pets.

Cats are relatively inexpensive to keep and they are so adaptable Ms Brazier said, adding the playful antics of the kittens regularly entertained the cattery staff.

RSPCA volunteer Evelyn Aldridge said she has always had two cats because they are good company for each other.

“Some cats are loners, but animals are like us, they like company – two cats are good, especially if you work and are away all day.”

Every cat or kitten that goes up for adoption has its temperament checked and staff can fill you in on each individual’s personality.

Finding homes for the massive number of unwanted kittens received is one of RSPCA’s greatest challenges.

Over the course of her breeding life, a female cat (and her offspring) may be responsible for the birth of 420,000 kittens.

That’s why it’s essential for all cats to be desexed as early as possible, Ms Brazier said.

To adopt a cat or kitten, phone the Laurenceson Road shelter on 5482 9407.

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