Roundabout road rage

EVERYONE has heard of “road rage” and many would agree a good proportion of road rage is caused by motorists using roundabouts incorrectly.

Vincent James Pye certainly did when he faced Gympie Magistrates Court this week charged with committing a public nuisance on July 9.

Police charged him after observing his “aggressive behaviour” on the road.

However, Pye said he was provoked by a driver who failed to indicate on the roundabout that joined Monkland and Reef streets with River Road.

At the second roundabout connecting River Road and Jaycee Way, officers witnessed a white four-wheel-drive being followed by a car driven by a man who was yelling abuse out the window.

He was still yelling at the next roundabout when the vehicles turned into Young Street and when officers indicated for him to pull over, Pye parked in the middle of the road.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said Pye, 19, had been travelling with his partner and young child at the time and “lost it” when the other driver failed to indicate and cut him off.

Duty lawyer Greg Wildie said the vehicle just missed hitting Pye’s car and his behaviour was a reaction at seeing a large vehicle coming at him with no concern (from the driver) about where he was going.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin tried to ascertain where Pye was on the roundabout when the near-accident occurred and heard Pye was entering the roundabout from Monkland Street when he assumed the other vehicle was exiting because it did not indicate.

“The rules are, you give way to everyone who is on the roundabout already,” Mrs Baldwin said and told Pye if there had been a crash, he would have been at fault. “It’s very difficult on roundabouts. I find them very tricky.”

Pye, of Inverness Street, Southside, was placed on a bond to be of good behaviour for six months.

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