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Python comes back for another crack at traumatised rooster

Lyn Evans' hubby took this photo of her lucky, but traumatised bantam after it survived an attack by a carpet snake this morning.
Lyn Evans' hubby took this photo of her lucky, but traumatised bantam after it survived an attack by a carpet snake this morning.

UPDATE 12.20pm: A CARPET snake whose meal was interrupted by the owner of the rooster it had been about to eat has come back for another go.

Lyn Evans wrote in yesterday to share the story of how she had managed to convince a carpet snake to release her white bantam rooster, which then made a slow but steady recovery,

Last night the snake came back for another try and Mrs Evans said she had to pull it out of the mandarin tree the rooster and two pullets sleep in.

"I shut the snake in the empty bird cage that the pullets and rooster supposed to go in (but they don't) and I will take the snake 500m away down the road when we travel to Lismore today," she said. 

Mrs Evans said she and her husband regularly found pythons around their Numulgi property. In the past they've had a crack at her jack russell terriers and she's seen two of them "doing the tango".

"I wish they would just be content on eating the plentiful rats and mice we have around the place and not birds, chicken or dog," she said.

On the up side, the traumatised rooster seems to have bounced back, crowing about 10 times this morning.


INITIAL REPORT: OUR white bantam rooster was nearly strangled by a carpet snake this morning. 

Fortunately for him I heard the unusual ruffle in the mandarin tree 10 metres from our bedroom window at 5.15am and because he hadn't crowed this morning I thought something was amiss so hurried out to see why he hadn't made a noise like he usually does when something comes near him. 

The rooster and two pullets roosted in the mandarin tree which I thought was safe until this morning.

There was another ruffle in the lower branches and when I shone my torch I could just see a lifeless white rooster on the lower branch. 

I feared the worst as I had seen in The Northern Star what a carpet snake had done to a small dog and also read elsewhere about a possum throwing down her babies when strangled by a carpet snake. I had also read in The Northern Star about someone (a vet I think) who had their new little kitten taken by a carpet snake but he/she unraveled it and the kitten lived.

Leanne Loz Albert shared these pictures of a carpet python making a meal of a willy wagtail at her place.
Leanne Loz Albert shared these pictures of a carpet python making a meal of a willy wagtail at her place. Contributed Facebook

So I grabbed the carpet snake and pulled it off the branch with the rooster wrapped up in it, said a few choice words to show I was angry with it. 

I think I threw it on the ground a few times to make it loosen its grip around the rooster as I couldn't see its head or tail.

Thankfully it got the message and within a minute it slowly unraveled itself but as it was not too energetic about getting away I pulled it away by the tail so it eventually headed away then I went back to check our rooster that was lifeless.

At first glance I thought he had lost his head in the ordeal but it was only blood I think around his head. 

His eyes weren't moving so I laid him down and went back inside to tell my elderly mother and my husband that the rooster had just been killed by a medium sized carpet snake then went back to bed.


The delivery of The Northern Star was due not long after that so, as I couldn't sleep, I went out again about 30 minutes later to get the newspaper from the roadside.

To my surprise the rooster had come to life and was sitting up, dazed and motionless.

I couldn't believe it, so went back inside to tell Mum and my husband that the rooster was "coming to" again. 

About two hours later he had regained his strength and flew up into the mandarin tree with the two pullets. He's now back on the ground and eating, although he hasn't crowed or made a noise since.

The motto of this story is: you can still save a kitten, rooster, dog, possum etc from a carpet snake if you get to it quickly and unravel the snake within five minutes of it starting its grip - maybe a snake handler could tell us exactly what to do.

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