Pub manager on drink drive charge

THE Mount Pleasant Hotel manager pleaded guilty to drink driving in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday. Robert Kidd, 42, had a blood alcohol concentration of .117 per cent on the afternoon after he drove from Gympie to Kin Kin and back.

The court heard Kidd, of Duke Street, Gympie, was breathalysed by police in the car park behind the Mount Pleasant Hotel at about 4pm on May 6 after he had collected a keg from Kin Kin hotel.

Defence lawyer Gene Visini said his client had been managing the hotel for the past five-and-a-half years and was the father of two young children.

“His job is to make sure patrons don't drink and drive... he is embarrassed by this,” he said and asked that no conviction be recorded because his client's permit to be an approved hotel manager was up for review.

“This is his fourth drink drive — why should I hide that from his employers,” Magistrate Maxine Baldwin asked and told Mr Visini he would have to make a good argument to convince her.

She asked him if he wanted to stand the matter down to get instructions but Mr Visini was directed by his client to press on and get the matter dealt with so there were no further submissions..

Police prosecutions submission was that a conviction be recorded considering it was his fourth drink driving offence and he was convicted for the previous three.

“This is something he should have already disclosed to his employer,” she said.

Magistrate Baldwin agreed.

“Drink driving is something we're grappling with as a society, especially with the growth of population increasing traffic on the roads and the increasing problem of drink driving.

“People can drive drunk as skunks — it's their ability to react that is affected. And that can be the difference between life and death.”

Kidd's licence was disqualified for seven months and he was fined $950. As for the conviction, Mrs Baldwin said the nature of the offence was not a trivial one and not one she could discount. She told the court all four of Kidd's drink driving offences were for over double the legal limit and two were committed in the last two years.

“It is distressing you haven't learnt by that,” Mrs Baldwin told him and recorded a conviction.

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