There are limits to what you can carry on bikes. What NOT to do, taken at Mountain Creek.
There are limits to what you can carry on bikes. What NOT to do, taken at Mountain Creek. Megan Mackander

Road rules rumours: Police catch rider carrying 2.7m board

WATCH that wide load- it could get you fined.   

Forget tradies tool protruding from utes, police have expressed their growing concerns for overloaded motorcycles.

The Sunshine Coast Road Policing Unit includes officers who patrol our roadways every day, witnessing some of the strangest decisions road users choose to make.

The hard and fast rules are motorcycles should not have loads 150mm in front of the front wheel of more than 300mm behind the back wheel. The load should not be hanging out from either side.   


Seems that memo did not get through to this rider who was carrying a board at Mountain Creek.  

"Especially over the warmer months there seems to be an increase of the carriage of surfboards on scooters," Acting Sgt Wapp said.   

"Officers from the Road Policing Unit have in the past intercepted scooters carrying boards in excess of 2.7 metres long.  

Is this wide-load road rule is too tough?

This poll ended on 24 July 2015.

Current Results

No, carrying a surfboard on a bike is a stupid idea and very unsafe.


Yes, I should be able to carry what I want on my motorbike.


It doesn't matter what road rules we have, there will always be people who break them.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


"The board was protruding so far back that when the rider got off the scooter the weight of the board was enough to lift the front wheel of the scooter off the ground."  

"An object projecting from the front, rear or side of your vehicle can distract others, collide with vehicles or injure pedestrians. Make sure you are within legal limits, even for short trips.  

Excess loads on a motorcycle, including bikes that are parked, can result in a $78 fine and no points lost.   

"Alternatively should the projection be considered to excessive there is the possibility of a court appearance of 'driving without reasonable consideration for other road users'."    

> WHAT road rule do you want clarified? Email and we''ll ask the questions.

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