Letters: Debt woes

Letters: IF SUCCESSIVE governments continue to fail to reign in mounting debt and placate constituents with the "no new taxes" rhetoric, future generations will eventually pay the price for runaway debt, presently to the tune of one billion dollars a month in interest.

How debt can be contained without pain is a pipe dream.

The "no new taxes" slogan is a warning that endemic taxes will be manipulated to counter the rise in government spending and the loss of revenue due to the demise of our natural resources revenue.

It is unconscionable that rich corporations pay the least or no tax.

The gravy train has come to a halt.

The cash cow has run dry.

The covert way to include all Australians in taxation is indirect taxing, through fees, charges, sales tax; all euphemisms for tax and the lucrative GST.

To avoid taxation is impossible; our poorest being most vulnerable. The GST is non-discriminatory and subject to inevitable rises. With the imminent May Federal Budget looming, Mr Hockey has another attempt at maintaining his status and reinvigorating confidence in his government's ability to contain debt.

But the horse has bolted.

Labor is mocking his every move, to undermine public sympathy and confidence in the Coalition's ability to govern and handle the multi-billion dollar budget. They are, however, heaping coals upon their own heads.

Australians have not forgotten. What they propose do in the circumstances, is hypocritical, considering it was successive Labor governments which put the nation in this predicament.

They were big spenders, bragging how the economy was given a boost, but at what cost?

Despite the present government's unpopularity, the public does not trust our nation's future credibility and financial status back onto those who created this monster.

Labor's track record of fiscal intelligence in both state and federal governance is deplorable.

It is soul-destroying to learn our international credit rating is slipping, for a nation with so much potential.

Ask not for whom the bells toll, Australia, it tolls for thee.

E. Rowe,


Gympie Times

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