Road rage turned quiet man into a 'monster'

A GYMPIE magistrate yesterday told a man he deserved to lose his licence after turning into "a monster" behind the wheel.

"You don't seem to be an angry type of person, " magistrate Chris Callaghan said yesterday.

"But behind the wheel you became a monster on that day," he said.

"You deserve to lose your licence," Mr Callaghan said. He fined Scott Andrew Rayner $1000 over a near-disaster on Chastworth Rd on December 13. Rayner, 66, kept his licence only because without it he would be unemployed.

"The community needs you to work," Mr Callaghan told the Glenwood IT manager, who said he needed to drive to get to work at East Deep Creek.

He pleaded guilty in Gympie Magistrates Court to a road range incident in which he took on a prime mover in his car and came off second best.

The court was told witnesses told police they had seen a male driving erratically and saw him attempt to pass a large prime mover, ending up on the wrong side of the road.

The driver had then pulled in front of the other vehicle, clipping it and losing control.

He had then braked and caused the prime mover to crash into the rear of his vehicle.

Rayner told them he had become angry when forced to avoid the prime mover as it attempted to merge into his lane.

Rayner told the court it was a one-off incident.

He had become angry and had decided he would pass the prime mover.

A single father of two, he said it was a road rage incident and he accepted he was at fault. He told the court his history of good driving had earned him a lifetime insurance Rating 1.

He said he needed his licence to keep his job, because of a lack of public transport.

Mr Callaghan told Rayner anger was the issue and Rayner had lost $650 excess for the damage.

But he said the main reason for not taking Rayner's licence was the community interest.

"The community needs you working," he said.

"Your manner of driving was appalling on the day and had danger about it.

"I like to keep people working in the country," he said. "You deserve to lose your licence, but the community needs you to work," he said.

Gympie Times

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