Rig's blind spot to blame for multi-vehicle crash: Truckie

A BLIND spot was blamed for an Ipswich Motorway crash involving two cars and a truck.

Truck driver Michael Roberts told an Ipswich magistrate it was a known blind spot for truck drivers when cars were in a certain position beside the cabin of a large rig.

He did not see the car beside his truck cabin when he changed lanes, and the subsequent impact sent the first vehicle spinning into another car.

Michael James Roberts, 46, from Bundall, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving without due care and attention on May 18 at Riverview.

The truck driver of eight years experience took care to explain to Magistrate David Shepherd the circumstances of the accident.

In police facts put forward by prosecutor Sergeant Tracey Laing, Roberts was driving his prime mover east on the Ipswich Motorway at noon.

He was in the middle of three lanes when he changed lanes to the left.

His truck clipped another car which then spun across the road, colliding with a third vehicle.

Mr Shepherd concluded there was a design fault where the truck driver could not see a vehicle in that location from his cab.

The driver had not known anyone was "sitting" in that position.

Mr Shepherd said the accident did not indicate any deliberate flouting of road rules, or any conduct that might be dangerous.

"The difficulty is the set-up of the truck as it does not allow for that to be seen".

Mr Shepherd said that perhaps consideration needed to be given by a number of agencies in an effort to prevent that problem without necessarily impeding truck drivers going about their business.

Mr Shepherd said that other than some speeding tickets on his traffic record there was nothing else that would indicate Roberts' driving of trucks had been anything but professional.

Roberts was fined $1500.

Mr Shepherd said he would make no order on his driving licence given the circumstances of this case.

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