REVEALED: 8 UFO sightings in Mackay and beyond

AS HALLOWEEN celebrations get under way today, we've taken an extraterrestrial approach.

In light of all things creepy, we've compiled a list of reported 'UFO sightings' from across the wider Mackay and western regions documented by Brisbane based non-profit association UFO Research Queensland Incorporated.

UFO Research Queensland Incorporated established in 1956 to receive, research and record sightings. While UFORQ has been collecting sighting reports since 1956, they have yet to commit the bulk of their reports to electronic format. Currently you can view all reports received from 1998 to the present.




MARLBOROUGH: In Marlborough, between Mackay and Rockhampton back in 1992-39, a woman and her family who lived on a cattle station were returning from Rockhampton at night and saw a light below them while driving over a range.

The light reportedly passed over them and seemed the size of a dinner plate. As they approached home, a man walked out onto the track in front of them, and next moment the light was there.

The woman next remembers arriving at the family bungalow very tired, and decided to leave the groceries in their vehicle and go straight to bed. Her partner refused to talk about the incident. She has had encounters since.

MACKAY: In Mackay on February 14, 2012 a resident reported two UFO sightings at 4.22am and 4.30am. The resident, who had not seen a UFO before, said they were a passionate follower of satellites and general astronomy, so had their nose in the air quite often and knew exactly what to look for when identifying a satellite or anything similar.

First sighting at 4.22am: In the sky SSW of Mackay at an altitude of about 40° East, moving SSW there was a red solid light that seemed to shoot a red flare out to the East (I thought that it may be space junk re-entry at first). Then three red lights seemed to be rotating, or flashing, underneath it. No sound, no navigation lights (like a helicopter or plane). It was travelling at about the speed of a satellite and seemed to be at about satellite height.

Second sighting, approximately 4.30am: In the sky to the South of Mackay at an altitude of about 30° East, moving to the South there was a bar of horizontal white lights (probably about 5-7 lights, it was a fair way away) that looked a bit like a jet airliner side-on, but instead of travelling left to right, or right to left, it just kept travelling South like a side-on plane. No navigation lights and no noise, but it seemed much further away. Slow travelling to the South and wandering just a little.

CAMERON'S POCKET, MACKAY: In Cameron's Pocket just north of Mackay on Monday December 18, 2006 at 2am, a man observed a bright light to the NNW shoot off and come back in a cloudless sky. Its elevation varied between 25 and 60 degrees. The light was prominent in the sky and flashing colours.

WALKERSTON: A taxi driver travelling on the Peak Downs Hwy, close to Dane Street at Walkerston on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 12.30am noticed a strange light in the sky. The driver, who was taking a passenger to Patricia Court, was looking through the windscreen when they saw an oblong, orange light about the size of a street light seen at about 150 metres away above them in the sky. It was not clearly outlined and moved across sky, rotated and changed direction from south towards north, then north east, then north north west, then north west, then slightly west south west. The light then disappeared.

RAVENSWOOD: In 1991, a resident reported a sighting of a min-min light between the Burdekin Dam and Ravenswood. The resident said it was either May or June in 1991 and there were five people in the car who all worked at the Coutts Burdekin Wildernoss Lodge and were on their way to Townsville for a night out. The light followed the car, through the trees for about 15 minutes. It looked like a car headlight. At first it was behind them on the left hand-side, then it caught up to them and overtook them, then went across in front of the car and was travelling beside them on the right hand-side. It then seemed to slow and the last they saw it, it was directly behind the car and further back. The group were all quite frightened at the time and trying to explain what it could be. What the reporting person found most strange is that the incident was never really discussed again between them, even though they lived and worked together. The wilderness lodge closed down at the end of June and the five all lost contact. The reporting person said they have thought about the incident many times since and would be a sceptic if they hadn't witnessed the phenomena.

TIERI: In about 1982 or '83 a family moved to a new mining town called Tieri which is about one hour north-east of Emerald. At the time there was no street lighting so the night sky was very clear. At about 7 or 8 in the evening the reporting person was riding their bike down the street not far from their home. For some reason they looked up at the sky and saw what they thought was a very bright satellite moving across the sky. It moved at a steady almost satellite-like speed, but then began doing perfect and seemingly random 90 degree turns in the sky. It did this for about 10-15 seconds and then shot off and disappeared.

CLERMONT: In April 18, 2007 at 10.40pm on Rubywale Rd, the reporting person witnessed a very bright, to sharp white light, not to be likened to any Automotive 12- or 24-volt lights, or lights from a residence or camplight. It seemed as though it may have landed, due to the shadows of what seemed like lights behind tree branches, and the way the light seemed to be going in a upward elevation. The light was very, very bright.

CLERMONT: On June 5, 2010 at 6am the reporting person saw a weird light in the eastern sky. It was travelling very slowly, and looked to be about 200 meters above the trees. This was on a mine site in central Queensland. There were no flashing lights as on planes or choppers. It had several lights on it, the main light was on the front and seemed to be pointing downwards. The object was slightly covered by fog or cloud, but the morning was crystal clear with no cloud or fog. The object slowly turned away from me and faded and totally disappeared from sight. Several people saw the same light.

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