Gympie Water tower.
Gympie Water tower.

Residents accept antennas plan

RESIDENTS along Old Maryborough Road, near the Gympie water tower, don’t seem to be all that fussed Optus plans to erect a parabolic antenna and three panel antennas on top of the tower.

And why should they be?

Rod Tracey, who lives across from the water tower, said he received notification of the project in the mail.

“It’s got to go somewhere, we probably get radiation from what’s up there already,” he said yesterday.

Though Brian Cavanagh who lives a few doors down from the tower said he didn’t know of the plans.

Mr Cavanagh said he didn’t like the idea and he should have been told.

Three other residents surveyed yesterday said they weren’t worried.

As the installation is a low impact facility, legally Optus does not require a development application from Gympie Regional Council to mount the antennas, which will be no higher than 5.8m, on the water reservoir.

A prefabricated equipment shelter adjacent to the existing water tower and associated ancillary works including new cable trays, cabling, safe access, security enclosure, earthing, electrical, air-conditioning will also be erected as a part of the project.

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