Eyes were on Mackay for all the wrong reasons during live cross


ALL eyes are on Mackay for the wrong reasons after national Channel 9 reporter Kerrie Yaxley's run-in with drunken Mad Monday revellers during a live broadcast went viral.

Mackay and District Rugby League is investigating the incident with police after Ms Yaxley was kissed on the cheek and two ABC journalists were flashed on Monday afternoon while covering Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's visit.

A Magpies Rugby League Club spokesperson said she was contacted by police yesterday afternoon.

Photos and videos of Mad Monday celebrations were taken off a Magpies Facebook page shortly after the Daily Mercury contacted the club.

Subway workers Tiffany Davies and Makeri Southall had a front-row seat for Ms Yaxley's live broadcast in Gregory St. Ms Davies said the reporter kept her composure but "stormed off" when the camera stopped rolling.

Ms Southall said one of the men grabbed the side of Ms Yaxley's face as he leant in to kiss her on the cheek.

"There was about six or seven guys walking past in their early 20s … one was in one of those Borat latex suits."

Mayor Deirdre Comerford said she didn't want "our reputation to be tarnished by the irresponsible behaviour of a few". A Queensland Police spokesman said no charges had been laid.

Ms Yaxley spoke on Melbourne's 3AW radio station about the incident, saying the live broadcast went from calm to "chaos" in a few seconds.

She told 3AW none of the men involved in the incident had contacted Channel 9 to apologise.

"I think they're probably still sleeping it off. They were in a bad way."



A CHANNEL Nine reporter was manhandled in Mackay yesterday as she tried to do a live cross.

Kerrie Yaxley was reporting on the beginning of Kevin Rudd's campaign in Mackay when a man grabbed her and kissed her cheek.

The camera man Mark Jessop dropped his equipment to fend off the attacker.

It is also believed that a female radio reporter was targeted at the same time by a man who exposed his genitals to her.

The attacks are thought to have been part of a Mad Monday football celebration.

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